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not able or fit to be repeated or quoted

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And stubbornly unquotable when the topic is Malik Hairston, and the health thereof.
"The first report of the UK government's public accounts in 1999 summed up the problems of large government information technology projects: unrealistic, unmanageable, unconsidered, unsuitable, unquotable, unstoppable," he said.
But the British official was unhappy with the host country's attitude: "After an hour's argument this morning, Yugoslav attitude is as to be expected: official total rejection of the possibility that any policeman could have acted as alleged, plus unofficial and entirely unquotable assurances that there will be some further inquiry behind the scenes.
Although Bellour's textual analyses are characterized by extended "quotations" of frame enlargements, he nonetheless insists upon an "elementary fatality": "the text of the film is unattainable because it is an unquotable text" (20, emphasis added).
THE Providence Resources exploration group yesterday secured shareholder approval for the issuing of IRpounds 10 million worth of unquotable convertible bonds to finance their new oil-drilling project in the Celtic Sea.
Often, the opposite is true: When asked to sit down at the keyboard, many an engaging impromptu speaker turns into a turgid, spokesmanly, unquotable writer.
In one particularly vicious instance, the comedian in the 1785 routine presented `the head [takes the head] of a female Moderator or President of the Lady's Debating Society', denouncing this crusader against `domestic employment' at unquotable length.
He trusted himself to balance his twelve hours of friendly, if unquotable, Dole interviews by interrogating Clinton underlings behind the couple's back.
It contains so many unquotable quotes and citations that much of the book reads like filler.
Cutler, said a friend, "was untouchable, unreachable, and unquotable." Yet, as one reads Greenstein and Burke's account, one is struck by just how well-served Eisenhower was by the system he had devised, and how good he was at getting the best out of those around him.
Again, the unquotable "good luck" came into play, and NRL sources state "there is a processor available right now with three times the capacity we need.
Rather less predictable is the unquotable bile-aimed at wailing divas-of-the-moment Mariah Carey and Celine Dion.
Perhaps this is the style sought, one appropriate to "this day and age," to quote what is "really" unquotable. Or perhaps one can hope that in time this talent will discover more resistant imaginative experiences so that struggling with defining them in poetic terms stretches us all.