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The aim was to generate social cohesion around the party system, guaranteeing the unquestionability of a neoliberal democracy supported by the dynamics of a free market.
Thus, as regards the true worshipper, the ontological proof provides him with an explicit description of his communion with an external absolute being, whose unquestionability confers on the account a dogmatic character.
Yet, there is nothing in his writing that takes away from anyone else's ability to be true to themselves--in fact, he provides countless examples of ways that the reader can practice a freer way of thinking by rejecting the unquestionability of the status quo.
Sanctity always expresses some kind of untouchability and unquestionability, as well as a divine inspiration sent by the supernatural world.
Now, in light of globally expanding horizons, such warrants for a good life have lost their state of ultimate unquestionability, as has established religion.