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not made pure

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aeruginosa clinical isolates had zones of inhibition ranging from13 mm to 24 mm in diameter indicating they all had some potential susceptibility to factors in unpurified bacterial supernate from cultures of Lactobacilli strains containing 1x107 /mL (Fig.
The purified surfaces of pebbles are removed by lathing and the newly exposed surface should be considered as unpurified which might lead to the disqualification of the oxidation corrosion rate of the pebbles.
Unpurified samples were analyzed by SDS-PAGE and the expected heavy chain and light chain bands were observed at 51kDa and 26kDa, respectively (see Figure 5).
After treating Cosme de Jesus with antibiotics, the doctor cautioned him not to use unpurified water.
They certainly didn't receive any of the properly commercially prepared Botox "Unpurified bovine gelatine is not an acceptable vehicle to transfer the drug."
Last week, a report by the Comptroller and Auditor General ( CAG) revealed that unpurified water was being used to make beverages, rats and cockroaches were found in the pantry and food was being left out in the open among a number of other things.
The report also stated that unpurified water straight from the tap was used in preparation of beverages, waste bins were not found covered, not emptied regularly and not washed, food stuff were not covered to protect them from flies, insects and dust, rats and cockroaches were found in trains etc.
Without such filtering structures, one risks what Hannah Arendt called the "chaos of unrepresented and unpurified opinions."
To the unpurified product, a mix of 4 [micro]l DEPC-treated water, 5 [micro]l of 2X Promega Master Mix, and 1 [micro]l of the appropriate dye-labeled primer (Table 2) at 5 [micro]M was added and mixed by pipetting.
This study aims to test the effectiveness of applications of practical grade chitin, unpurified chitin and chitosan at a range of concentrations against a locally isolated Colletotrichum sp.
Komisar, "Settling behavior of unpurified Cryptosporidium oocysts in laboratory settling columns," Environmental Science & Technology, vol.
Besides LPS (ligand for Toll-like receptor 4, TlR4), D-galN-sensitized mice have been shown to exhibit increased sensitivities to the toxic effects of other TLR ligands (TLRLs) including CpG DNA (CpG) (for TLR9) and poly (I:C) (for TLR3) as well as unpurified microbial products [2, 6, 7].
* William Penn and the Quakers feared drinking unpurified water, due to health concerns; they instead opted for the comfort of the taverns and drank beer.
Here, people drink unpurified water, live in congested places with no toilets.