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Synonyms for unproved

not tested or proved

Synonyms for unproved

not proved



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The episode description states that April gets attached to this young girl and urges Halstead to use unproved medications when she runs out of treatment options.
The company reported cost incurred for 2016 at USD3,374m that included USD2,660m of proved and unproved property acquisitions.
Rifleman Dave Curnow, 20, suffered severe head injuries in an unproved attack near a club last September.
These are available to suit surfaces as diverse as tiles, expanded metal or unproved areas.
Conclusion Unproved on good going, but this is a poor race and he can defy a penalty.
A photo published right after the shooting showed one of the youths with a knife in his hand, however, it is unproved whether it was planted by Israeli soldiers or not.
It was a wondrous idea in the late 1960s, but one that was still unproved. And yet, even to a child, it just seemed so probable.
REGARDING the Liverpool owners FSG and their transfer policy in stripping the club of quality players in order to get them off the wage bill and bring in cheap unproved players.
The reports reads that according to the latest OPEC report, Iraq has more than 150 billion barrels of proved reserves and more than 300 billion barrels of unproved reserves, which makes Iraq, the second largest oil country in the world after Saudi Arabia.
Walker advocates for a world in which humanity has outgrown its need for gods and devils, and her book offers cogent arguments, comfort, and support for those who wish to have done with unproved beliefs and unjustifiable, often cruel and violence-prone faiths.
The unproved firing resulted in the Shahadat (martyrdom) of two personnel of Pakistani Rangers, the Foreign Office said in a press release while press reports put the death toll at four.
Unproved property acquisition costs were US$63.1b in 2013, representing a 24% increase over 2012.
I would ask you to agree that the breach is unproved. He didn't want her there.
The Ministry of Finance said the information voiced by Prime Minister Joomart Otorbayev about corrupted practices in the Ministry's system was obtained through unofficial channels and as such is unchecked and unproved.
Proved property acquisition costs declined 11 per cent in 2012 to $27.0 billion while unproved property acquisition costs fell 21 per cent to $50.7 billion.