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Synonyms for unprotected

Synonyms for unprotected

devoid of help or protection

inadequately protected

having no protecting or concealing cover

Antonyms for unprotected

lacking protection or defense

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She said, in good English, and in a deeply offended tone, that she had paid her passage and was not going to be bullied out of her "rights" by ill-bred foreigners, even if she was alone and unprotected.
It is shameful, it is brutal, it is base, to bully and abuse an unprotected lady who has lost the use of her limbs and cannot put her feet to the floor without agony
But then, at that time, when her nightly rest was disturbed by the dread of the fate preparing for de Barral's unprotected child, she was not engaged in writing a compendious and ruthless hand-book on the theory and practice of life, for the use of women with a grievance.
1) In a study of youth who spent time in a Chicago detention center in the late 1990s, 54% of males and 69% of females who had had unprotected vaginal sex shortly before being detained said in a follow-up interview about three years later that they had recently had unprotected vaginal sex; 75% of males and 58% of females who reported at baseline that they had had unprotected sex while drunk or high gave a similar report at follow-up.
Emergency contraception is an important back-up for women who have had unprotected sex or whose contraception has failed.
It should also be a stark warning about the dangers of unprotected sex.
Of course, there have always been a tiny minority of gay men who engaged in unprotected anal intercourse for a variety of reasons, including substance abuse and depression.
AN ALLEGED victim of a Scot accused of deliberately infecting his lovers with HIV was surprised when they had unprotected sex, a court heard yesterday.
1) However, implant users were more likely than others to report having had unprotected sex in the two days or the week prior to being surveyed (prevalence ratios, 1.
The antimicrobial catheter with ARROWg+ard Blue Technology outperformed an unprotected CVC in both infection reduction and total cost per patient.
PSE&G's Gas System Modernization Program would require the company to replace an average of around 160 miles of cast iron and unprotected steel gas mains, and about 11,000 unprotected steel service lines to households and businesses annually, over five years.
Former two-time Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Danny Ildefonso leads the players who were left unprotected for the July 18 Expansion Draft which will be participated by newcomers Blackwater Sports and Kia Motors.
A Kenyan student, who tested positive for HIV, has made a confession to a local daily that she infected 324 men, by having unprotected intercourse with them.
This is an important issue, as we all know that there are thousands of unprotected wells in the country and many are located at some picnic spots making it the situation all the more dangerous.
Online donors pressing for natural insemination - unprotected sex - and claiming their method of choice had the greatest likelihood of conceiving were wrong, said Mr Bowen-Simpkins, a consultant gynaecologist.