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Synonyms for unprotected

Synonyms for unprotected

devoid of help or protection

inadequately protected

having no protecting or concealing cover

Antonyms for unprotected

lacking protection or defense

References in classic literature ?
She said, in good English, and in a deeply offended tone, that she had paid her passage and was not going to be bullied out of her "rights" by ill-bred foreigners, even if she was alone and unprotected.
The road was barely sufficient to suffer two carriages to move by each other without touching, being from necessity dug out of the base of the mountain; a precipice of many feet led to the river, which was high and turbulent at the time; there was no railing nor any protection on the side next the water--and in endeavouring to avoid the unprotected side of the road, two wagons had met a short time before, and one of them lost a wheel in the encounter--its owner had gone to a distance for assistance, leaving the vehicle where it had fallen.
But his purpose was not for long; Agenor saw him haling the body away, and smote him in the side with his bronze-shod spear--for as he stooped his side was left unprotected by his shield--and thus he perished.
As his body was unprotected, his sufferings must have been great; but his fortitude was superior to all.
Although she, an unprotected girl, had come to me in my room--in an hotel room--and had probably compromised herself thereby, I had not understood!
De Guiche had hoped that the Duke of Buckingham would accompany the admiral to England; but Buckingham succeeded in demonstrating to the queen that there would be great impropriety in allowing Madame to proceed to Paris almost unprotected.
He determined to send the Enterprise to sea alone, and let her take the chance of making her unprotected way across the ocean.
He proposed to me last night in the music-room, when I was quite unprotected, as there was an elaborate trio going on.
There seemed to be no alternative but to catch him red-handed, and to do so we had to use Sir Henry, alone and apparently unprotected, as a bait.
As the dagger fell toward the unprotected breast of my love, Thuvia was almost between them.
He even went so far as to snatch his holy wig from his head and throw it in my face, so as to blind me for a moment while he thrust at my unprotected breast.
I am an unprotected male, but I will preserve my honor at the peril of my life
For a moment Sabor hung half across the branch, while Tarzan mocked, and hurled twigs and branches at her unprotected face.
Much of this artillery was still unmounted, and nearly all of it was unprotected when the German air-fleet reached New York.
In the first place she considered Rachel aesthetically; lying unprotected she looked somehow like a victim dropped from the claws of a bird of prey, but considered as a woman, a young woman of twenty-four, the sight gave rise to reflections.