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Synonyms for unpronounceable

impossible or difficult to pronounce correctly

very difficult to pronounce correctly

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This time he's in the unpronounceable Ljubljana with comedy titan Eddie Izzard.
Within that semblance of structure, however, and as the title of the collection suggests, is something beautiful and often dark, something unpronounceable.
The phase when he changed his name in 1993 to that unpronounceable love symbol - The Artist Formerly Known As Prince - is reprised in the centrepiece of a purple Love Symbol-shaped stage displaying eye-popping costumes and screens showing footage from his tours and TV performances, as strobe lighting rains down.
IT says much about the pulling power of Wayne Rooney that Everton can draw a sell-out crowd against opponents not just unknown but unpronounceable.
In 2010 ash clouds from an unpronounceable volcano in Iceland brought aviation in the UK to its knees.
THIS is a slip of an album, pulsating with unpronounceable names and lyrics that require both study and a dictionary.
Whether it was his name, his record label or the unpronounceable symbol for his name, His Royal Badness demonstrated textbook lessons in branding consistency.
The singer, who was just 5ft 2in, was also seen as an eccentric with a tendency towards bizarre career moves, such as changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol in the 1990s.
"You'll never find a long list of unpronounceable ingredients listed in our products--just common ingredients your grandmother would have used."
Summary: Whisky is the most consumed spirit in Lebanon, but high prices, unpronounceable names, and a wide variety of brands and bottling can intimidate potential consumers.
If the galleon of Llanrhaeadrym-Mochnant was but a boat from an unpronounceable place to most of Carwyn's contemporaries, those same contemporaries and their antecedents had formed the rugby clubs and the kind of society which grew up around the coal valleys and ports.
Aside from the fact that many favorite food dishes in Denmark are unpronounceable -- unless, of course, you're Danish -- the country is one of the more robust foodie destinations in the world.
Two decades ago, he wrote "slave" on his cheek and changed his name to the unpronounceable "love symbol" to protest his contractual terms with Warner Brothers.
Apart from being unpronounceable, and an anagram of "want mud slyly", this is the last resting-place of David Lloyd George, erstwhile Prime Minister of this realm.
In 2010, the volcano with the unpronounceable name, EyjafjallajE[micro]kull, erupted.