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unlikely to bring about favorable results or enjoyment

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Thrveydrop, in virtue of his deportment, considering himself vastly superior to all the company--it was a very unpromising case.
Under these unpromising auspices, the parting took place, and the journey began.
The Greek throne, with its unpromising adjuncts of a ragged population of ingenious rascals who were out of employment eight months in the year because there was little for them to borrow and less to confiscate, and a waste of barren hills and weed-grown deserts, went begging for a good while.
I saw that she was upon the verge of a breakdown, after all that she must have passed through of fear and horror that day, and I tried to quiet and reassure her as best I might; but even to me the future looked most unpromising, for what chance of life had we against the frightful hunters of the night who even now were prowling closer to us?
Afterwards, he watched her turn with slow, reluctant footsteps to the unpromising abode which she had pointed out.
Why, you 've no idea how much goodness and sunshine you can get out of the most unpromising things, if you make the best of them.
That day I had intended to live intensely and quietly, basking in the weather's glory which would have lent enchantment to the most unpromising of intellectual prospects.
And therefore," he remarked, "for the purposes of your friends I should consider this a difficult and unpromising country in which to work.
He was that most unpromising of matrimonial material, a shy man with a cautious disposition.
Here--if I could find it--here was the approach to the Secret, hidden deep under the surface of the apparently unpromising story which I had just heard.
I judged that the second officer--a callow youth with an unpromising face--was not, to put it mildly, of that invaluable stuff from which a commander's right hand is made.
But there were no such means of beguiling the time in this apartment, which was as unpromising and tiresome as any waiting-room in one of our public establishments, or any physician's dining-room during his hours of consultation at home.
The countenance of the old locksmith lighted up with the smile of one expecting to detect in this unpromising stranger some latent roguery of eye or lip, which should reveal a familiar person in that arch disguise, and spoil his jest.
Flora Casby had been the beloved of his boyhood; and Flora was the daughter and only child of wooden-headed old Christopher (so he was still occasionally spoken of by some irreverent spirits who had had dealings with him, and in whom familiarity had bred its proverbial result perhaps), who was reputed to be rich in weekly tenants, and to get a good quantity of blood out of the stones of several unpromising courts and alleys.
Which, indeed, had been left over-night in a very unpromising posture, and for whose impending expedition against the Persians the weather had been by no means favourable all day.