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Synonyms for unproductive

Synonyms for unproductive

lacking or unable to produce growing plants or crops

Antonyms for unproductive

not producing or capable of producing

not producing desired results

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1 million hectares of unproductive, denuded and degraded forestlands, which contribute to environment-related risks, such as soil erosion, landslides, and flooding.
Those surveyed also said they felt they were unproductive for a total of 70 days a year; only feeling they achieved something on average 3.
Grant Leadbitter has been unproductive on set-plays
There are also issues with the local players, like not getting rid of the unproductive while letting go of the good ones.
Although this project was welcomed by the EU, the Macedonia side sees it as an unproductive idea.
Some claim many are taking huge amounts for unproductive use
COMPANIES are sitting on pounds 60bn of unproductive working capital, says a new study.
How to situate Georges Bataille, that excremental philosopher of unproductive expenditure and the festive wastage of energy, in relation to the energy crisis currently facing the contemporary industrialized world?
I'd prefer a more flexible system under which employers can create relatively unproductive "sub minimum wage jobs" but at the same time, the state keeps an eye on these jobs, and ensures that those doing them move on to more productive jobs as soon as the latter appear.
We are trimming our flight schedule, frequently and continually, of unproductive flights, while we continue to grow in cities like Denver," CEO Gary Kelly said.
But I think any apology for Pinochet is both unproductive and a waste of time.
A SWEEPING LAND REFORM BILL will allow the Bolivian government to seize up to 77,000 square miles of unproductive land, to redistribute it to the country's poor and landless peasants.
Their ground game was particularly unproductive, with eight AVC rushers combining for just 68 yards.
I really dislike bitter conflict, dissension that is unproductive and that can be destructive.
With the distinctive characteristics of colleges and universities, compared to other organizations, the process of dispute prevention, resolution, and management should be unique as well The book first examines productive and unproductive conflict in academic environments, where healthy debate can turn ugly and drain the institution's intelLectual resources and energy.