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Synonyms for unprocessed

in a natural state and still not prepared for use

Synonyms for unprocessed

not refined or processed

not altered from an original or natural state

not treated or prepared by a special process

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Core inflation (which excludes unprocessed food and energy products, more volatile elements of the CPI) remained at 0.
It also bans export of unprocessed mineral ores to help develop the mineral processing industry in the Philippines and to benefit the localities where the minerals came from.
Intake of processed and unprocessed red meat, iron and nitrates from processed meat was estimated through a dietary questionnaire.
The study said that while no cases of actual harm have been identified yet, a third of GPs have not yet responded on whether unprocessed items sent to them indicate potential harm for patients.
Chan added that "in the present study, we updated this analysis, which allowed us to prospectively examine the association between consumption of meat (total red meat, red unprocessed meat, red processed meat, poultry, and fish) with risk of incident diverticulitis in 764 cases over 26 years of follow-up.
Infants fed on unprocessed milk were found to have lower levels of the C-reactive protein, which is a measure of inflammation status.
For example, both unprocessed and processed goods for intermediate demand are inputs to finaldemand products, and although unprocessed goods for intermediate demand can be used as inputs to processed goods for intermediate demand, processed goods for intermediate demand are not significant inputs to unprocessed goods for intermediate demand.
Among the types of cheese, the market for unprocessed cheese is higher than the market for processed cheese due to their natural flavor developed from aging.
Product Coverage: Processed Cheese, Unprocessed Cheese.
This growth rate is expected to be driven by the faster growth of unprocessed cheese compared with processed cheese.
The new guidelines on household fuel combustion cautioned against burning unprocessed coal and kerosene at home.
592 tons of unprocessed and semi-processed gold in January-June 2014; the rate increased by 6.
The Cohort of Swedish Men study - the first to examine the effects of processed red meat separately from unprocessed red meat - included 37,035 men 45-79 years old with no history of heart failure, ischemic heart disease or cancer.
The World Bank has calculated the cost to be paid by Indonesia for its ban on exports of unprocessed minerals in 2014-2017.