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Synonyms for unpractised

not having had extensive practice

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It would, indeed, be a just punishment, as far as you are concerned, if Providence should take you at your word, and make you feel what others feel, that - ' She paused as a sudden burst of loud talking and laughter reached us from the dining-room, in which the voice of Hattersley was pre-eminently conspicuous, even to my unpractised ear.
All day, nothing was done or thought of but gathering money - in which no barbarities were left unpractised.
I asked Tollin what a person unschooled in friendship might also be unpractised at.
The United Kingdom is also unpractised in negotiating in Brussels as an external party because it has, until now, been an integral component of this thing called Europe.
We are now unpractised and almost homesick before we start.
Being a creative teacher involves values and emotions such as trust, as well as a set of possibly unpractised and undervalued cognitions such as intuition, imagination, recognising serendipitous opportunity and, most challenging of all, the thrill of relinquishing control and parachuting out into the unknown.
He said the region suffers from shortage of pain physicians resulting in unpractised physicians doing their jobs.
I think all I wanted of Vivienne [she spelled her name in different ways] was a flirtation or a mild affair; I was too shy and unpractised to achieve either with anybody.
But "[h]is characters are not modified by the customs of particular places, unpractised by the rest of the world; by the peculiarities of studies or professions, which can operate but upon small numbers; or by the accidents of transient fashions or temporary opinions: they are the genuine progeny of common humanity, such as the world will always supply, and observation will always find" (Johnson 2000: 421).
While we struggled to reach beyond the 'usual suspects', their response was itself instructive: a feeling that such a space was unusual and valuable, as well as a general openness within the liberal/left parties to participate, even if some were unpractised at the necessary skills.
He said apologetically that his Sindhi was unpractised, although he spoke it with his mom (he used the English word) and grandmother.
As he wrote from Belfast to Charles Brasch in an unpublished letter in 1940, where he said he felt more at home among what he called 'the Irish of the unregenerate north' than he did with New Zealanders, 'I feel myself it was formless, unpractised and to be honest, a little dull.
Although to the unpractised eye, it may look like they're trying to hitch a lift, in reality they're letting you know that they're available for work.