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regarded with disfavor or lacking general approval


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And if he is unpopular he can depend on DYING, right there in the stocks, can't he?
I remember poor Charlotte Pagden making herself quite unpopular one season, because she had a French governess she wanted to recommend to every one.
No; and if you are generally unpopular, it is because you deserve to be so.
I suppose the steward thought it might make him unpopular if the old fellow had been dismissed.
Gossett was an unpopular subject with members of the Cape Pleasant Golf Club.
But we did not think so then, for Nasmyth was unpopular with high and low, and appeared to glory in the fact.
It was a source of great profit to the church that possessed the remarkable effigy, and the ceremony of the public barbering of her was always carried out with the greatest possible eclat and display--the more the better, because the more excitement there was about it the larger the crowds it drew and the heavier the revenues it produced--but at last a day came when the Pope and his servants were unpopular in Naples, and the City Government stopped the Madonna's annual show.
Perkins' most unpopular innovation was his system of taking occasionally another man's form.
The rope made itself unpopular long before the crowd had fully realised his advent over the trees.
Harris said that he couldn't help feeling that, to a certain extent, he had become unpopular.
Looked at from this standpoint, I almost reached the conclusion that often the Negro boy's birth and connection with an unpopular race is an advantage, so far as real life is concerned.
But we withdrew at an acute angle not only because the French advanced between our two armies; the angle became still more acute and we withdrew still farther, because Barclay de Tolly was an unpopular foreigner disliked by Bagration (who would come his command), and Bagration- being in command of the second army- tried to postpone joining up and coming under Barclay's command as long as he could.
She spoke with such emphasis that it was quite obvious that she expressed unpopular views, and that her children disagreed with her.
Everything which has made the Hospital unpopular has helped with other causes-- I think they are all connected with my professional zeal--to make me unpopular as a practitioner.
But all Munchkins prefer blue to anything else and when my housework girl is brought to life she will find herself to be of so many unpopular colors that she'll never dare be rebellious or impudent, as servants are sometimes liable to be when they are made the same way their mistresses are.