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free from admixture with noxious elements

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I and millions like me are genuinely concerned about starving children who can't even have a drink of unpolluted water - when all we have to do is walk a short distance to the kitchen and turn a tap on.
The Brooks Range, however, is different in that it is home for native tribes whose livelihood depends on the animal life and unpolluted landscape of true wilderness.
Organized conjointly by the US Embassy in Kuwait, the Kuwait Scientific Center, Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences, Kuwait University, and the Environment Public Authority, the ambassador noted in his speech that the embassy was keen on cooperating with educational, scientific, and environmental agencies in Kuwait to promote more societal awareness of the necessity for unpolluted seas and oceans.
Internal noise levels are kept to a minimum, while an industry-leading air filter design ensures a clean and unpolluted cab environment.
Comparing samples of today's air with those collected in the unpolluted air of Tasmania between 1978 and 2012, and samples taken during aircraft flights, scientists said they found two of the new gases have reached the atmosphere in recent years.
For Arab citizens to realise their full potential they need unpolluted water, unpolluted air and unpolluted food which are the basic needs, more basic than human rights, because without them we are unable to function.
The appeal of Australian and New Zealand food brands are driven by perceptions of food from an unpolluted, clean and natural environment.
The researchers, who compared today's air samples with air trapped in polar firn snow air collected between 1978 and 2012 in unpolluted Tasmania, revealed that all four new gases have been recently released, while two are significantly accumulating.
Despite its significant advantages -- unpolluted soil and a climate that allows for a wide variety of crops -- Turkey has yet to reach its potential for organic agriculture.
The Karzai Government is the steward of the country and owes an obligation to hand over to its successor an unpolluted nation, or at least a nation on the mend.
Due to its unpolluted and oxygen rich waters, Luderitz is renowned for its top quality abalone, so we were perfectly situated for the abalone farm.
This act of moral cleansing is analogous to ablution to attain an unpolluted state before entering into the demanding task of articulating a panegyric for the Prophet.
If we are to find what is pristine and unpolluted in these traditions, we must go back upstream--back to what is pure, what is real.
It comprises taking lush green pastures, watering them with clear, unpolluted mountain streams, mixing in clean fresh air - and then simply adding cows.
According to a statement from the group, the project threatens the headwaters of the Mindo and Guayllambamba rivers, two of the country's few remaining unpolluted waterways.