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the feeling caused by disagreeable stimuli

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In addition, Leahy says that the influence of Carroll on The Unpleasantness is the simplest example she is discussing because Sayers indulges in the fewest allusions (26).
ISLAMABAD -- British scientists have developed a new approach of fixing tooth decay, which could get rid of all the drillings, injections and fillings and unpleasantness, King's College London (KCL) said.
It is a public secret that the main focus at the elections is the money and this is not only the specialty of Macedonia, but it is a regular menu at all elections, without consequences and unpleasantness from judicial and police investigation.
By contrast, if people also take into account the dread they may experience in waiting for a painful event, the prospective unpleasantness of a prolonged period of dread may even exceed the unpleasantness of the pain itself.
First-time helmer Nate Taylor, working from an adroit script by Peter Moore Smith, skillfully evokes a clammy sense of dread in this suspenseful indie about a photographer obsessed with shifting his focus from past and present unpleasantness.
Just think - all this unpleasantness and addiction might have been avoided if she'd consulted an osteopath about her bad back instead of her GP.
Specifically, general pain decreased from 63 to 48 after treatment, pain unpleasantness decreased from 70 to 47, and present pain decreased from 59 to 40.
We are witnesses of harsh and non-constructive reactions from the Greek side related to the content of talks between PM Gruevski and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, thus demonstrating anxiety and unpleasantness from the truth rooted not in the positions presented by PM Gruevski, but in the Re-port by the UN SG's Special Representative for Human Rights, Mrs.
We'll forget the earlier unpleasantness when we were referred to as The Royal Americans--aka 60th Regiment of Foot--and you chaps gave us a pasting.
The majority of dog owners are responsible but it is a minority who are causing so much upset and unpleasantness.
Because it's just a very small bunch of very loud people and it's a channel for a lot of unpleasantness.
He believes this unpleasantness should be taken advantage of with suggestions for resolution.
Paradoxically, the relation between cardiovascular reactivity and unpleasantness thresholds has been scarcely studied.
The subjects reported a 40 percent reduction in pain intensity and a 57 percent drop in a measure of pain unpleasantness.