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"Basheer was an unpleasant person who used to make trouble, establish gangs and block roads in his area in Nokom," Mohammed Al-Kawkabani, an area resident, said, "He dealt with people in his neighborhood with bad manners." "When he was 20, Al-Khaishani steered clear from his friends and became aloof.
But even though the skeletal model succeeded in establishing herself as a ludicrously unpleasant person, she's not the one who should be worrying the most.
So it will be a question of whether to turn down the heating and get cold, eat poorer or less food, which affects health, or reduce the washing etc and become an unpleasant person in a scruffy household.
The colours black, yellow or red, an unpleasant person or ugly things are viewed as negative.
She may not be an unpleasant person, but as a leader, her approach is, "It's my way or the highway."
His character is a really unpleasant person and he rules his kingdom with a rod of iron.
Or her comment on the word "feminist": "Does feminist mean large unpleasant person who'll shout at you, or does feminist mean someone who believes women are human beings?
If you had all day to swan about and think you were brilliant, you'd end up a pretty unpleasant person.
The former basketball coach proved that he is black, that he is the kind of guy who speaks his mind, that he was fired and that Frank Broyles is an exceptionally unpleasant person to work for.
You've marketed yourself as an unpleasant person to deal with -- best to stay away from you.
Rubin opines: "If a celebrity happens to be a terribly unpleasant person, you can bury that for only so long.
To call Bruce an unpleasant person is a gross understatement.
Like Noriega, Saddam is a thoroughly unpleasant person whose disappearance would be little lamented.
LARLY unpleasant person wrote a couple of times wishing a grisly end to one of my sons during his travels.