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Comedian Rich Hall said the most unpleasant person he's had to work with was in ZZ Top - the one without a beard.
of a theatrical production *3 (slang) an inept, stupid, or unpleasant person
Maybe it's about boosting self-confidence, getting along with an unpleasant person, or welcoming a newcomer to school.
You've marketed yourself as an unpleasant person to deal with -- best to stay away from you.
I need an hour in the house, otherwise I'm going to be an unpleasant person to work with.
Murphy's Prodigal Father: The Life of John Butler Yeats (1978), has tended to portray Elizabeth `as an unpleasant person verging on the mentally unstable.
To call Bruce an unpleasant person is a gross understatement.
Like Noriega, Saddam is a thoroughly unpleasant person whose disappearance would be little lamented.
WHAT a deeply unpleasant person Louise Mensch must be.
He says: "John committed some wicked deeds and was a deeply unpleasant person.
A bit grey, maybe; carrying a few too many chins, perhaps, but not an unpleasant person.
The majority of demonstrators would no doubt agree that Saddam is an unpleasant person and that the world would benefit by his removal from power.
Woolf, it has been recorded, could be a very unpleasant person indeed, with suggestions of racism and even fascist tendencies, none of which is revealed here.
He said: "John committed some wicked deeds and was a deeply unpleasant person.