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Synonyms for unpleasant

Synonyms for unpleasant

Antonyms for unpleasant

disagreeable to the senses, to the mind, or feelings

References in classic literature ?
Yes; but it might make some unpleasant talk if he really defends the suit.
Letterblair looked at him from under enquiring eyebrows, and the young man, aware of the uselessness of trying to explain what was in his mind, bowed acquiescently while his senior continued: "Divorce is always unpleasant.
Well, now you've done what you wanted," put in Nicholas- "said unpleasant things to everyone and upset them.
The unpleasant things were said to me," remarked Vera, "I said none to anyone.
The handsome Vera, who produced such an irritating and unpleasant effect on everyone, smiled and, evidently unmoved by what had been said to her, went to the looking glass and arranged her hair and scarf.
It was greatly weather-worn, and that imparted an unpleasant suggestion of disease.
Let us not make ourselves the subjects of unpleasant remarks.
Circumstances of an unpleasant nature, on which I presume it is unnecessary to dwell, compel me to offer you this handkerchief, back again, gentlemen," he said, raising his hand to his eyes in a very affecting manner.
I know something unpleasant has happened to you, for your face was very sober when I saw it in my Magic Picture.
Do you think you'll be able to shirk unpleasant things all your life, Phil?
Then suddenly traversing a little glade, I saw with an unpleasant start two clumsy legs among the trees, walking with noiseless footsteps parallel with my course, and perhaps thirty yards away from me.
I felt assured now that my tawny-faced antagonist was stalking me once more; and coupled with that was another unpleasant realisation, that I had lost my way.
And, by-the-by, you had better not invite her any more on that account, as I wish her to find her situation as unpleasant as possible.
Unpleasant and pleasant pictures evoked higher SCRs than did neutral ones, that is, pictures with the highest arousal ratings evoked the greatest SCRs.