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remove the pins from

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You can, however, get rid of it by unpinning the app tiles from the Start menu.
When individual droplets, such as sessile droplets placed on a substrates, are considered, it has been shown that vibrating or shaking the droplets or the substrate results in unpinning and moving of the droplet contact line and a change in the contact angle; thus, droplet spreading may enhance and droplets may even move uphill.
The right abutment had to be rebuilt and new concrete added, so the team removed one third of the existing substructure at a time to allow for a new footing and unpinning wall, and to ensure that the right abutment was completely supported during the entire operation.
Washington, Apr 13 ( ANI ): A team of astronomers from the University of Amsterdam has discovered that sudden speed jumps in the rotational velocity of pulsars have a minimum size, and that they are caused not by the unpinning and displacement of just one sub-surface superfluid vortex, but by billions.
The passage of this warmer water was made easier by the unpinning of the ice shelf from an underwater ridge.
Despite the wide variety of challenges to their intellectual unpinning, libraries remain fundamentally democratic institutions dedicated to providing users with information.
19) Removing her veil and unpinning her red hair, Magdala seeks access to Christ by singing and dancing for soldiers she had once entertained more salaciously: "By the feet that danced for you, by the voice that sang for you, by the beauty that delighted you--Marcellus, let me pass
And in unpinning the pages that hold the words that contain the thoughts recreates the moment in which realization occurred.
System commands and other activities can serve more timely and influential roles by unpinning, in this manner, the major Gates 2 and 3 phase decisions that shape the inherent supportability of the systems they will eventually have to logistically support.
Will symbolically unpinning a tongue held in place by sewing needles release a language, a culture, and a childhood that have been stolen?
His skillful comic talent also misses the desperate unpinning and awkwardness of the perpetual outsider.
She developed a method of strip weaving: unpinning every other strip, pulling them back, laying down the perpendicular strip, and then re-pining the strips down.
Green is the colour of enchantment', he told her, unpinning her hair, 'and you are my enchantment, my Priestess of Green Light'.
Comparisons must be based on a solid content unpinning to be of any value.