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not pierced

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Though associations for males were similar to those for females, the differences between pierced and unpierced groups did not reach statistical significance.
Pierced adolescents were less satisfied with their bodies than their unpierced counterparts, though the difference is significant only for females.
He noted that 13% of 8- to 15-year-old girls with pierced ears are allergic to nickel, but only 1% of girls with unpierced ears in that age group demonstrate nickel sensitivity.
At this time men can have the curliest of wigs, smear their mouths with lipstick, stuff their chests with stockings and rags, borrow earrings for unpierced ears, shadow their eyes.
And when we become even more familiar with the tall, athletic and eminently unpierced Christensen next summer, he won't be doing his job unless he terribly disturbs us.
was to find a simple, repetitive arrangement of polyhedra so that there is a large excess of unused vertices over unpierced faces," he says.
Some handcolored plates show unpierced bumps or black spots at the corners indicating where the pinholes on the plate were located.
4 Sitting in mystic bamboo grove, back unseen Press stops of long whistle Deep forest unpierced by man Moon and I face each other.
Balconies three quarter of the way up the supporting pilasters curve out upon unpierced arches, heavily decorated.
Next thing you know, Nancy has my mom and another unpierced friend in the back seat, and they're headed back to the mall, giggling in anticipation.