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not pierced

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That I'll be different come December - even if my shirt is still tucked in and I remain blessedly unpierced.
He noted that 13% of 8- to 15-year-old girls with pierced ears are allergic to nickel, but only 1% of girls with unpierced ears in that age group demonstrate nickel sensitivity.
The Beirgh mould fragment originally had five fingers and an undecorated and unpierced semi-circular palm.
And when we become even more familiar with the tall, athletic and eminently unpierced Christensen next summer, he won't be doing his job unless he terribly disturbs us.
was to find a simple, repetitive arrangement of polyhedra so that there is a large excess of unused vertices over unpierced faces," he says.
Balconies three quarter of the way up the supporting pilasters curve out upon unpierced arches, heavily decorated.