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  • verb

Synonyms for unpick

become or cause to become undone by separating the fibers or threads of

undo (the stitches) of (a piece of sewing)

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Stitch together 4 unit 2's alternately with 3 unit 1's, then sew unpicked 3-square segment to end of unit 2 to make top pieced border.
The replacement player can be selected from the list of unpicked players at the draft, either from the same category or from the lower category as per the original player list.
Scamander was the fictional author of a textbook on magical animals that featured in the Harry Potter novels and the reference unpicked by the Sheffield student is the opening line to a new film script Rowling is working on.
In all, coffee producers left some $25 million on the table as hundreds of thousands of plants went unpicked, association president Abel Enriquez said.
At the Hippodrome there are times when the diction is hard to hear which is frustrating as the layers of self-deception can only be unpicked when all the dialogue is clear.
ANSWERS: 1 To prevent blood clots; 2 Swallows and Amazons; 3 Ffion; 4 A bird belonging to the tit family; 5 Fibres unpicked from old tarred rope; 6 HMS Dreadnought; 7 The Young Vito Corleone; 8 Camille Saint-Sans; 9 Eddie 'the Eagle' Edwards; 10 The crab.
At a time of severe financial hardship, with families struggling to afford the soaring cost of living, is there a more perverse sight than fresh food being left unpicked to rot in fields?
branches hanging over the fence, unpicked, falling, covered with flies.
International finance, and all its festering liability, has become so intricately knotted that it cannot be unpicked along national lines.
And I'm determined that these Games leave a social legacy on my city that cannot be unpicked the way the circumstances of Glasgow have been in the past.
The bird had slowly unpicked its knot over the course of the day, and the owners had the door open because it was warm, so it made its way out of there.
The 39-year-old had unpicked a disposable razor before using the blade to cut himself while in his cell.
Horga, 39, had unpicked a disposable razor before using the blade to repeatedly cut himself.
The strawberries unfortunately have remained unpicked and have died and the lettuces need picking now.
Two tries from Spanish winger Oriol Ripol unpicked Worcester's defence to give Rotherham a seven-point lead at the top of National One with a game in hand.