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inability to persuade

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3) Finally, there was the sheer unpersuasiveness of the arguments on the other side, which Judge Alex Kozinksi once described as having "the grace of a sumo wrestler trying to kill a rattlesnake by sitting on it.
Despite the unpersuasiveness of this approach, Judge Schroeder's opinion takes an important step by recognizing that dress and grooming stereotypes can be burdensome.
The asexuality that detractors attributed to Nixon was like Humphrey Bogart's unpersuasiveness as a lover (when Bogart "kissed a woman, he looked like a horse eating an apple") (p.
Yet the unpersuasiveness of the official ideological justification of French policies of cultural protectionism does not constitute proof that these policies are ethically or politically untenable.
The high stakes and the unpersuasiveness of the reasons given by the Supreme Court for its decision in Bush v.
In part, the argument's unpersuasiveness stems from the fact that the authors dance around an exception to their rule: Dred Scott.
Or, rather, Baskerville's formulation leaves out a step that Channing takes in his defense of the unpersuasiveness of disingenuous eloquence.
But the perception of insincerity nearly guarantees unpersuasiveness, so a critical signal that other members believe to be sincere is more likely to persuade them.