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not perfected, elaborated, or completed

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If the federal trademark protection related to the website fails for some compliance reason, does that mean the creditor is unperfected on the whole?
TSA has now commenced a multitude of adversary proceedings (lawsuits) against consignment vendors seeking to have the Bankruptcy Court declare these consignment vendors to have unperfected security interests, permitting TSA to sell all inventory unfettered by these consignments and deem these consignment vendors to be nothing other than general unsecured creditors.
8) Clearly, the Neo-Confucian moral reasoning justifies a self-assumed leading role by a Gentleman who guides the morally unperfected masses; his communication serves one sole purpose of morally transforming the masses.
Cartridge cases split and primers could be punctured due to the unperfected construction processes of these early, high-pressure centerfire loads.
If the mortgage becomes unperfected upon transfer to the depositor because it is not recorded in the name of the depositor (or the depositor's agent), any preexisting junior mortgage on the property would then become the senior mortgage, absent a resubordination agreement.
This is especially so where the priority rule dispute is between a prior unperfected legal transfer of an account and a subsequent perfected transfer of the account.
This can be explained with the conformation of unperfected crystal by the addition of boric acid.
Because the present study is mainly interested in how the leave requirement operates and whether outcomes vary from judge to judge, the remainder of the data presented focuses only on perfected applications (because all judges will similarly deny unperfected applications), on applications where the judge deciding the case is identified (which eliminates cases withdrawn before the leave determination and a few cases where the name of the judge was not indicated in the online court docket), and on applications brought by unsuccessful refugee claimants (because applications brought by the Minister are exceptional, and raise a different set of issues than applications brought by claimants).
But he was such a perfectionist that many things went unperfected.
Pursuant to the priority scheme under the PPSA, a registered judgment has priority over an unperfected security interest regardless of whether the security interest attaches before or after the judgment is registered.
338) The mystery is whether an unperfected secured party also prevails over the tax warrant.
3d at 1338, the court held the assignee's failure to record did not render the mortgage unperfected in the mortgagor's bankruptcy.
As Barth has shown, there is some justification for seeing the original creation of Genesis 1, and even also Eden in Genesis 2-3, as unperfected work, and this may well disclose the artistry of a later hand in the last composition by someone who was made uncomfortable by the crude theology of the original, and so may have changed it in ways more compatible with the theology of Wisdom.