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Synonyms for unperceptive

unwilling or unable to perceive

Synonyms for unperceptive

lacking perception



lacking sensitivity, taste, or judgment

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While patriarchy, as figured by Louise's egotistical father, her unperceptive husband, and the critical townspeople, contributes to Louise's emotional disturbance, nature, functioning as symbolic setting, becomes the benign force that affords her peace.
He was remarkably uninterested, though, in the breadth of literary culture in general, and rather unperceptive about authors whose values he rejected, or thought he did, such as Proust.
Nothing more civilized than an extremely wealthy banker, businessman, and monopolist smoking his after-dinner cigars, as someone without a thought, in the company of an admiring yet unperceptive and perhaps younger colleague.
In human (dis)guise, the goddess politely supplicates unperceptive humans for this minimal privilege (supplex peto, 6.
too many unperceptive and introverted prospective purchasers may be
Perhaps he was also discouraged by unperceptive reading of his prose and by an apparent lack of interest in his ideas.
Unperceptive male characters are not those who gain the audience's sympathy.
Even an unperceptive listener could hear the contrast between the two main themes of this first movement as a sedate and peaceful beginning is suddenly interrupted by a burst of sound announcing the divergent second theme.
An unperceptive and uncritical mentor who fails to read the implicit meaning of the apparently universal text for local life and society, in turn, does not make the task of engagement any easier.
This affectionate but unperceptive demiportrait will get nibbles from cable stations, but auds hoping for a fact-filled A&E Bio will be disappointed.
You want to look for what we call 'potential derailers'--things like being unperceptive, arrogant, volatile, self-promoting--so that they can be addressed.
Her pedestrian, low-brow, unperceptive prose has struck a chord with the so-bad-it's-good brigade.
An unperceptive analyst who tries to price a firm on the basis of GAAP earnings gets a bubble price; the circularity feeds the bubble.
It seems that everything that could possibly be said already has been--and yet, somehow, we are still surprisingly inarticulate and unperceptive.
In Raviv's telling, Perelman is a remarkably unperceptive man who never understood exactly what he was buying or what to do with it.