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with no people living there


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Because of the oath, the King will not "let you enter his unpeopled house" (88).
Remarkably, they sit side by side with what remains for large stretches an unpeopled and profoundly romantic graveyard of castoff New York City ephemera, dating back a century or more.
Your hair like an unpeopled spring-fed pond full of
Let us spend what is left in seeking the unpeopled world behind the sunrise'" (216).
Social Guides for Sense of Place in Relatively Unpeopled Locations Face-to-face social The observed behaviors of others, even if brief, interaction provide a model for visitor practice in the space.
I wanted to leave, but had nowhere to go, and wasn't ready to leave behind the enveloping quiet I found alone in old growth forests or on vast expanses of unpeopled shore.
Just think: In a few short years driverless cars and trucks will barely have to slow down through unpeopled gas, food, and coffee dispensers, perhaps leaving millions feeling they have nothing more useful to do than to go round and round supersizing themselves--assuming that they somehow have the money.
At first sight the old man seems to be an isolated figure: "Surrounded by those wild unpeopled hills, / He sat, and ate his food in solitude" (ll.
Her paintings typically engage with interior spaces, always unpeopled and often visually complex, ranging from the jumbled clutter of junk shops to the ornate flamboyance of 17th-century church interiors.
His arguably most famous painting--a glancing moment in a Paris intersection dotted with umbrellas on a rainy day--will be on view, but so will a quieter, unpeopled landscape of rain beginning to fall on a riverbank.
And it is only the exclusion of the colonial violence from the space of a racially and geographically bounded European justice that makes intelligible the logic of reparation initiated at Nuremberg: a logic that lead to establishment of the state of Israel as a settler colony on seemingly unpeopled ground, terra nullius.
This yen for depictions of the unpeopled high country and consequent union with hefty quadrupeds--if also sometimes accommodating Indian maidens, a bit of good fortune that Jeremiah Johnson seems mostly to resent--surely reflected some kind of cultural anxiety of the moment.
Eliot draws us away, finally, from the shore to an unpeopled primeval world registered through an appeal to what he understood to be the deepest of sensory resources.
In James Cahill's words, "[Ni's] landscapes, in their unpeopled thinness and plainness, can be seen as emblems of high-minded disengagement from society and longing for a cleaner, simpler, peaceable world" (Yang 1997, 169).
10) Known as "vacation," or more specifically, when exploring unpeopled land with portable shelter, "camping.