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Synonyms for unpeopled

with no people living there


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said the Cardinal: The increase of pasture, said I, by which your sheep, which are naturally mild, and easily kept in order, may be said now to devour men and unpeople, not only villages, but towns; for wherever it is found that the sheep of any soil yield a softer and richer wool than ordinary, there the nobility and gentry, and even these holy men, the abbots
Never mind the great unfortunate unpeople never to be born
Speakers will include Mark Curtis, author of Web Of Deceit and Unpeople.
Like the victims of American bombing in Afghanistan, and Iraq, and Cambodia, and Vietnam and many other stricken countries, the Somalis are unpeople, whose deaths have no political and media value in the West.
It is fortunate she does so, for, taking the spiders alone, if they were of large size, they would, as the poet said, "mock the majesty of man's high birth, despise his bulwarks and unpeople earth.