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not peaceful

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Indeed, the relationship between language and peaceful or unpeaceful behavior is so obvious that we hardly think about it.
Framework agreements for the supply of helmets unpeaceful demonstrations 56110A and 56110B ASD in the period 1.
Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations has essentially contributed to this point of view, as have other recent publications that contemplate the subjects of Terror in the Name of God, (6) Religious Conflicts in World Politics, (7) Unpeaceful Religions, (8) and Religious Wars in the Age of Globalisation.
Chinese ties, saying China does not want 2010 to be ''an unpeaceful year'' for trade and economic ties with the United States.
Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said during an online chat with Internet users on Saturday that China did not want 2010 to be "an unpeaceful year" for trade and economic relations with the US, hoping that bilateral trade disputes would ease.
Iran will not tolerate any unpeaceful use [of space] by any country," Vahidi trumpeted as he stood in his military uniform.
One of the saddest examples of an unpeaceful and unkind classroom occurred in a Florida kindergarten last year.
The unpeaceful death of the Maud speaker is, as with Hurst, ultimately a result of his not actually being dead.
Mearsheimer, J, "China's unpeaceful rise", Current History, Vol 105, No 690, 2006, p 160.
Being a serviceman in these days of frequent wars and peacekeeping in the most unpeaceful places on God's earth is hard enough without bullying NCOs conducting ceremonies that would anywhere else be viewed as perverted, warped and criminal.