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lacking patterns especially in color


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While many of the larger wild cat species are elaborately spotted or striped or maned, the Caracal is unpatterned, but the ears are so expressive and the face subtly but dramatically marked in black and white.
The second group is in fact an aggregate of sites, an apparently unpatterned accumulation of unique cases (Figures 4 and 5).
Contract Awarded for its AWX FSI unpatterned wafer inspection system at both a major Southeast Asia-based outsourced assembly and test (OSAT) facility and a key Korean memory manufacturer.
This choice minimizes mismatching effects when the differential signal passes from the unpatterned to the patterned ground plane regions.
We denote that the dielectric constant of the unpatterned multilayer structure as [[epsilon].
The early neoliberals were not advocates of a completely unpatterned distribution of income and wealth, nor of constructing a market economy without a safety net' (Origins of Neoliberalism, p145).
Hence a self-creator cannot be an unpatterned unity.
At Sotheby's Hong Kong's Asian art sales in April, the unassuming but undisputed star of the season was a small, monochrome, unpatterned bowl probably intended for washing brushes after writing (Fig.
Micrographs of the patterned and unpatterned test specimens show that the surfaces are uniform and featureless at the micron level (Fig 1).
What are the prospects for responsiveness if, as in the non-prudential sector of financial regulation, regulatory contact consists primarily of occasional, unpatterned legal encounters, mostly of the adversarial kind?
Commons embraces influences on outcomes that are grounded not only in legal rights and obligations but also in social and institutional practices as well as individual interests, in patterned and unpatterned activity at the individual level (that is, intentional activity, rationally motivated and otherwise, and chance activity), and in intersections between material and intangible form.
A slightly irregular and unpatterned texture is seen on burrow surfaces in many examples from the Hoover Quarry.
The MMS targeted the stimulation of senses through the provision of unpatterned visual, auditory, olfactory, and tactile stimuli.
KLA-Tencor's VisEdge tool has the unique ability to trace the position of the edge of the copper film through both the patterned and unpatterned areas near the wafer edge, allowing us to determine the concentricity of the copper film with respect to the centre of the wafer.