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(of devices and processes) not protected by patent

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Mr Samakata said there were indications that the community was now aware that buying unpatented disks was illegal.
To estimate the role of patents and prizes in generating knowledge spillovers, I tested for spatial autocorrelation in patents and in prizes covering unpatented technical innovations.
Unpatented technology comes in the form of know-how, which is viewed as any technical knowledge in manufacturing, production and business derived from accumulated experience, skills, ideas, new methods of how to use and develop a knowledge, and transmitted through personal services and the disposal of drawings, specifications, formulae, blueprints and other means.
Star Gold is a gold exploration/development company with 125 unpatented claims located within the Walker Lane belt.
Essentially, Apple said that it was being asked to pay for the market value of the products that Smartflash says used its patents, instead of leaving out the features that are unpatented. Gilstrap added that the methods he used to determine the damages were legally correct but inapplicable to the case.
This included: the unpatented invention in 1953 aged 15 of the pedal bike twist-grip gear change 10 years before anyone else; his three years of National Service, the first two in the RAF police; and his many years working in his father's butcher's business.
Rubicon Minerals Corporation will grant Platinex a four-year option to purchase a 100 per cent undivided interest in 10 unpatented mining claims, subject to a 1.5 per cent NSR, in exchange for 800,000 common shares of Platinex and $70,350 cash.
India is large drugs industry produces cheap generic versions, is concerned that Western governments backed by major pharmaceutical companies are using the fight against fakes as a cover to restrict trade in unpatented medicines.
between the patented feature and the unpatented features...."*
announced on September 19 that Sagebrush Gold has leased 24 unpatented mining claims from Centerra Gold.
The charter gave to the City of New York, which at that time was only the island of Manhattan, all "waste, vacant, unpatented and unappropriated lands."
When a generic drug maker seeks marketing approval for only a drug's unpatented uses, GPhA contends, the section allows the FDA to grant a "carve-out" label that permits the generic maker to market the drug for those uses alone--thus avoiding litigation over patent infringement.
But, surely, there aren't any horses less enigmatic than the Budapest Bullet, a sobriquet coined in this column and regrettably unpatented. The stalls clang open, he heads for the horizon like, well, a bullet, race over.
Wilhelm noted that "patented products, in general, tend to attract 30% greater profit margins than unpatented products."
It states that anyone who, "for the purpose of deceiving the public," marks an "unpatented article" as patented will be "fined not more than $500 for every such offense." Enforcement is by qui tam suits; anyone can become a "relator," filing a lawsuit and, if the suit is successful, receiving half of the defendant's fines, while the other half goes to the federal government.