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not divided by partitions

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The first three levels are occupied and the fourth level is an unpartitioned storage area.
Rajputs, who ruled most states of unpartitioned subcontinent, foresaw their inglorious exit from not only the political scene after independence but also feared losing their centurys old identity.
The much-vaunted survivable nuclear war against Pakistan rested on such a dissociative fantasy: that contiguous nations sharing sky, air, and water could avoid being radiated and poisoned in unbounded ways when citizens on both sides of the nuclear divide are also ineluctably regional citizens of an unpartitioned earth.
The standard deviation of the unpartitioned total population of profit levels.
She said the new stadium seating will give organizers the opportunity to sell reserved tickets, which was tough for the unpartitioned benches.
Fee simple (FS) equivalent property interests are premised on perpetual and unpartitioned rights and cash flows.
Simulation experiments were conducted and the results show a performance improvement of 36% to 65% over unpartitioned case.
However, there are also reports that the DJ phenomenon takes effect only in stationary and unpartitioned markets (e.
lolevg] are largely unaffected when we perform the robustness tests described for the unpartitioned sample.
The galleries for temporary exhibitions are unpartitioned, with space articulated by the massive brick piers that support the vaults.
Each unpartitioned, column-free residence has multiple risers for design flexibility, allowing layouts ranging from two to four bedrooms.
Marker analysis of IT by either regression on unpartitioned IT scores or contingency test of partitioned IT data indicated X, the gene from the At parent expressed in all seedling tests, to be an allele of a major resistance gene distal on chromosome arm 4DS.
As part of the SDR'99 TREC-8 evaluation we have recently transcribed about 600 hours of unpartitioned, unrestricted American English broadcast data.
The place on the language map where the Usk and the uisce and the whiskey coincided was definitely a place where the spirit might find a loophole, an escape route from what John Montague has called "the partitioned intellect," away into some unpartitioned linguistic country, a region where one's language would not be a simple badge of ethnicity or a matter of cultural preference or official imposition, but an entry into further language.