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not straight or parallel

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12: determinants detrainments--leave the 'trains' driven by determinants (Both are plural nouns yet unparallel types of words, an abstraction vs.
We chose C2CRM because of its robust architecture, scalability and unparallel business process customization capabilities," said Mark Dressel, Information Technology Director for The MUNZING Group.
It's the ideal blend of good planning, great architecture, and a location that is unparallel in its natural appeal.
pdf), although technology has made the capacity advanced to 12GB today, yet low cost content card bundled with particular applications are on the rise which Pretec can provide unparallel services for memory card with different capacities and content upload services for customers.
The winner will have unparallel views from a luxury box in Philadelphia's Lincoln Financial Field.
As a vertically integrated manufacturer, Panolam produces decorative surfaces that offer unparallel quality, variety and flexibility to customers worldwide.
org/events/2005/bbwf/), unparallel to any other communications event, hosted more than 90 exhibitors, drew nearly 6,000 industry professionals to register, and presented more than 60 sessions over four days at the Palacio Municipal de Congresos de Madrid.
Six days prior to the 2006 Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, Other World Computing (OWC) gave an advanced preview of the highest capacity, fastest speed portable storage solution on the market, offering the newly engineered Mercury On-The-Go Pro Series 800/400+USB2 in an under 12-ounce design with an unparallel 160 Gigabyte (GB) storage capacity and running speed of 5,400 revolutions per minute (RPM).
Singapore Management University helps students apply the tenets of business management education to a rapidly changing and dynamic world in an era of unparallel choices," said WebCT President and CEO Carol Vallone.
William Spurr commented: "The Bombardier BiLevel car is a service proven transit solution that delivers unparallel reliability and cost efficiency.
Recognition as the market leader by embedded systems market analysts for two consecutive years is unparallel for any product in this space, and is based on delivering proven value to systems engineers and software developers
Based on real-world lab test done by Network Computing this year's award highlights DataPower's leadership over its competitors and in particular highlights DataPower's Web service access control; impressive WS-security standard support; unparallel SAML support; leading performance; and integration with identity-management systems as well as multiple enterprise messaging infrastructure solutions.
That exclusive summit will provide thought-leading content and unparallel networking opportunities for senior executives to exchange ideas and develop strategic alliances.