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of the remaining member of a pair, of socks e

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05, unpaired t-test) than the ACh-induced tension in sham-fed group (105% of initial; Figure 2a).
I fitted a linear model of speed as a function of pairing status to compare movement speed between copulating pairs and unpaired individuals.
The hematological parameters like count RBC, WBC, count concentration Hb and PCV of anti-coagulated blood sample analysis were found adversely effected in flock 2 gradually shown in Table 1 on the basis of statistical significance of two-tailed p values calculated by the application of unpaired t-test.
In order to increase the lifetime of superconducting quantum circuits, the researchers used microwave pulses to "pump out" the unpaired electrons.
We analysed the sexual size dimorphism in body mass, GSI and brain size, results of unpaired comparison showed that the body mass and GSI of the female (25.
gt; The spin multiplicity is taken as one by Hund's rule as there are no unpaired electrons in the compounds.
The authority is aiming to auction the spectrum for WLL license by December 2015 through which it is likely to generate revenues for 2x5 MHz in 1900MHz band and two 30 MHz unpaired lots in 3.
To test whether there was any significant difference in between the two groups with reference to the study variables, unpaired t test and Mann-Whitney test were used at appropriate places as a statistical test.
The magnetism arises from the magnetic dipole moment of unpaired electrons in the d- or f-orbitals.
The researchers had to seed the wire with nitrogen atoms in order for there to be unpaired electrons that could spin.
Avoid committing a fashion blunder by throwing away all your defunct, rusted, and unpaired jewelry pieces.
Adults females of two of these species, Poratia salvator and Myrmecodesmus hastatus, belonging to the family Pyrgodesmidae, had a unpaired ovary that formed a tubular organ containing oocytes, with P.
In a typical experiment, a Paired condition and an Unpaired condition are included.
A new chapter has been added on one-way analysis of variance, a natural extension of the unpaired t-test to the case of three or more independent groups.