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remove from its packing

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But, however,' said the beadle, stopping to unpack his bundle,
Winkle, rolled off the box once again, and proceeded to unpack the hamper with more expedition than could have been expected from his previous inactivity.
Gina's mission is to sort out her cluttered life, as she unpacks in her new flat after her divorce.
of Notre Dame) unpacks what is philosophically interesting about Allen's comedy.
Once positioned, the mobile barricade unpacks itself by using hydraulics to raise and lower itself off its wheels.
JESSICA SIMPSON UNPACKS HER LOVABLE BIKINI BRA - Jessica Simpson unpacks her favorite Lovable(R) bra and Lovable bikini.
Clearing his mind of any connections to the present, Morley steps back into 19th-century New York, where he not only resolves some scientific questions, but neatly unpacks a murder mystery and discovers a life and romance more suited to his tastes.
In these chapters he unpacks the five middle axioms and looks to future indicators of our postindustrial economy as he shapes "a new logic of distribution.
As he again unpacks this talk for some incoherences and especially for concealed allegiance to a regulatory Shakespeare, Worthen is largely benevolent in his skepticism, granting serious purposes to self-descriptions and analyses of the actors, though sometimes noting their interpretive vulnerabilities - for instance, that the "eclectic feel" of some of their justifications and performances reminds one of that in the new historicism.