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Synonyms for unostentatious

not elaborate or showy, as in appearance or style

Synonyms for unostentatious

not ostentatious

exhibiting restrained good taste

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In an architecturally ingenious sleight-of-hand, the old contortedly cramped but sentimentally beloved Theatre Royal, its site expanded by the purchase of several adjacent properties, has made a swanlike interior metamorphosis into the larger (780 seats in the main auditorium), unostentatiously plush, technically state-of-the-art Wexford Opera House.
If he gives an account of his modes of proceeding, and of the views under which they first occurred to his mind, how unostentatiously and in transitu, as it were, does he introduce himself to our notice: and yet never fails to present the living germ out of which the genuine method, as the inner form of the tree of science, springs up!
Although as a dandy on a motorbike he is a democratic version of his father, he still retains the gentlemanly code of being unostentatiously, but expensively "well-dressed" with telling choice of "carnation" and "cravat" or tie "groove[d]" in just the right place (1995: 96, 123-25).
For though it is true that they have been purchasing old works of art for nearly three-quarters of a century and have occasionally been carried away in their anxiety to secure an article of superlative merit, their purchases, on the whole have been cautiously and unostentatiously made and, as a rule, they have avoided publicity in their transactions.
Betty and Bill Weldon lived well, but so unostentatiously that they made the Danforths look flashy.
They fit neatly, unostentatiously, and they are spoken without a hitch.
Elspeth Dutch's famous horn solo in the slow movement was unostentatiously communicative (and how we ought to praise the work of "bumper" Martin Wright, taking all the tutti burdens off his section principal so that she can deliver the goods so effectively), brass overall were remarkably compact and cogent, and strings and woodwind sculpted a reading where Tchaikovsky, instead of any interpreters, made the paramount impact.
Its staff and patients were so inspiring that Jimmy Savile adopted it as his second home and raised a fortune while working unostentatiously as a porter.
Hausswolff often works with electronic sound, and here he employs it unostentatiously, displaying an acute awareness of the ability of white noise to take on physical, sometimes even anthropomorphic, qualities.
He had passed on simply, unostentatiously, 'without drums or trumpets', as we say in French.
Enright, then, is not a major poet, or a major critic either, though he rarely writes a dull or obscure sentence, is voluminously but unostentatiously read, and has many insights to offer.
Here the towkay (Chinese businessman) could entertain and dine in the 'million-dollar' private apartments of expensive restaurants while 'the humblest member of the working class may spend his very hard-earned fifty cents or more unostentatiously at the gaming booths, the open-air cinema or the laneside hawker'.
The Parsi community is advanced as an exemplary case of Indianization because they "have quietly and unostentatiously fitted into India, made it their home and yet kept quite apart as a community" (149).
"Sort of superior belt loop which carries the pistol comfortably and unostentatiously over the right hip.