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Synonyms for unorthodoxy

any opinions or doctrines at variance with the official or orthodox position

the quality of being unorthodox

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So, James, if the option is still there, continue the unorthodoxy and add some mystique:
In the concluding chapter of Teaching Singing in the 21st Century, the editors "encourage unorthodoxy, welcome diversity and embrace openness to create the cultural and structural conditions to kindle (or re-kindle) learning." (25) We can envision a time to come in which the formal study of "music" is redefined to embrace American-born musics alongside their historical European roots.
The company's projects are a testament to its drive for excellency, beauty, and in some instances unorthodoxy, it added.
Unorthodoxy won hands down, the Pears scoring more for the loss of four wickets in a slightly elongated session than Durham had been bowled out for in two.
Also crucial is the author's claim that the religious practices of Black Pentecostalism, such as "whooping, shouting, noisemaking, and tongues speech" are so distinctive in this denomination of African American religion that it allows for nontraditional and unorthodoxy activities to exist and thrive for persons of African descent in the United States who are under consistent assault be the larger society (p.
Alan Thacker continues the theme of Bede's anxiety about accusations of heresy and unorthodoxy, which followed him throughout his life in one form or another.
The creativeness goes, the daring, the unorthodoxy, the sense of high mission, the prophetic sense, the humanistic dedication.
But his unorthodoxy, a sharp contrast to Januzaj's lazy elegance, could be a weapon.
Following the exit of a sizeable section of the audience after the first ritual performance, those who remained to see the piece through displayed an apparent willingness to accept its unorthodoxy through the serious attention they gave to it.
Five artists return, each following their own wave of unorthodoxy: Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Reggie Wilson, Jonah Bokaer, John Jasperse and Nora Chipaumire.
In an early indication of his unorthodoxy, Duterte told reporters on Monday that if he became president he would seek multilateral talks to resolve disputes over the South China Sea.
A few years before his death in 1979, he advocated a new constitution to give the central government sweeping powers to regulate and redistribute.) FDR not only immediately "admired [Tugwell's] unorthodoxy," Hamby contends, but was also "more than receptive" to the brains trust's desire to organize the "chaotic" market.
The stereotypical association of Persians with heresy and unorthodoxy is also intriguing (p.