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Synonyms for unorthodox

Synonyms for unorthodox

independent in behavior or thought

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breaking with convention or tradition


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He's been campaigned unorthodoxly since joining Ellison in April 2010 - mixing Flat, hurdles and chasing - and we've only seen him three times over fences since he completed a hat-trick at Wetherby in October last season.
This atmospheric light unifies, dramatizes, and distinguishes this world as unorthodoxly playing out entangled social and psychological conventions, such as the gendered nature of the gaze and infantile, polymorphous perversity.
Red Lesster and Double Glowcester are spelt unorthodoxly to emphasise the words 'less' and 'low', and because current labelling rules do not allow cheeses with reduced fat levels to carry the names of established territorials.
His method is impeccably and unorthodoxly Benjaminian.
in fact, as I have already pointed out, the oxford don has unorthodoxly transformed Anselm into an analyst of religious experience.