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Synonyms for unorthodox

Synonyms for unorthodox

independent in behavior or thought

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breaking with convention or tradition


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Still, it's as original as it is unorthodox, and approximately 462 times more intelligent than The Equalizer.
The Unorthodox Ox follows the protagonist's evolution (or lack of it), questioning the meaning of life and its routines: "He was listening to him and was thinking maybe that it was going to be no different for himself one day.
If they are unorthodox when they are young the coach will try to change his action.
Hopefully with Janine back on the Square there will be plenty more unorthodox happenings to come.
The Tao of Deception: Unorthodox Warfare in Historic and Modern China.
The Tao of deception; unorthodox warfare in historic and modern China.
Additionally, the recovery happened, "with the use of unorthodox macroeconomic policies.
Council colleagues say Mr O'Brien's death has robbed the local political scene of a colourful, unorthodox and unconventional character.
This house uses the residual geometry of the site to help generate an unorthodox form.
Nick Daley is an unorthodox CIA officers who is called into action when a shipment of American stinger missles goes missing, complicated further by murder and the arrival of San Francisco journalist Robin Reeves.
he has a great feel for his body so he is able to repeat -- I wouldn't say unorthodox -- but a delivery you wouldn't see every day.
Evans was thereby unconventional, ostracized, and guilty of making unorthodox choices.
Stephen Bush's new landscape paintings are a luridly unorthodox contribution to the genre, but they nonetheless share one of its central themes: nature as an expression of the psyche.
Shortly after Ben and his family arrive in the Keys, they discover that this Christmas will indeed be different when they meet a young girl named Mica who lives an unorthodox life with her marine biologist father.
One highlight of the book is the glossary that lists Brookes's own, unorthodox and humorous, but insightful definitions (opinions).