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Showalter correctly, although as she herself admits unoriginally, ties the female plight to discover a voice and vocabulary with which to express itself to that of third-world writers such as the novelist Raja Rao who remarks, 'The telling has not been easy.
Far from unoriginally following a traditional notion of motherhood as a woman's highest mission and vocation, or simplistically conveying the feminist denunciations of motherhood as the sole and deadly expression of womanhood, Morante seems to purport a French brand of feminism which places the power to shatter patriarchal order in motherhood and the maternal.
Nowhere is this more important than in his dismissal of the more conventional action-reaction model of Cold War history ("neither nation was simply reacting to the actions of the other.") Rather, he says, quite unoriginally, they were responding to the chaos and power vacuums left in the wake of the war.
The unoriginally named Boy Band - Ellis Hall, Joel Watson and Harry Targett - which was just formed on the first day of boot camp, performed in front of Dannii and Jessica, singing The Romantics' "What I Like About You."
When Louis unoriginally told Cher "you're like a mini Cheryl" did he mean that she can't sing either?
It is unoriginally self-vaunting and devoid of ideas ...
The pursuit for the encrypted jewellery starts, unoriginally, in Mongolia in a crowded mountain bar first seen at the beginning of the 22-year-old film Raiders Of The Lost Ark.
The nonfacts are these: On June 24, 1981, a 14-year-old peasant girl, unoriginally named Ivanka Ivankovic, unoriginally came across a light that she took to be the Virgin Mary.
The "art" in this issue is sadly and unoriginally anodyne.
No worries, said Warne - unoriginally yet reassuringly.
BRIGHTON'S bid for First Division survival had unoriginally been billed as the Great Escape - but ultimately they suffered the same fate as Steve McQueen rather than James Coburn.
Much has been made of Lennox Lewis saying farewell to his British fans in his last fight on home soil called, rather unoriginally, The Homecoming.
The summa of this foolishness is to be found in Perot himself: a man who proudly and unoriginally shouts for the United States to be run like a private corporation without having the wit to appreciate that, as his own mediocre career testifies, it is run like one already.
Otherwise, what is the point of your literary journal if not to simply echo unoriginally the large bulk of academic lit journals flooding the nation with diversionary high-brow oligarchic entertainment.
The second half was, unoriginally, nothing but Shakespeare's settings, including an unexceptional trio of Hamlet songs by Stephen Warbeck commissioned by the BBC and receiving its first performance.