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Antonyms for unoriginality

uncreativeness due to a lack of originality

the quality of being unoriginal

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She sees injustice and unoriginality, things that have made it impossible for her to continue making her own art or even attending school, which she now considers meaningless.
There's a fine line between adhering to manner and just mailing it in; creative unoriginality, even when it's intentional, still risks familiarity and its deflations.
Its unoriginality aside, the movie has bombastic characters that stand out: Harley Quinn and her mentor-boyfriend, the Joker (Jared Leto), are given sequences that-while not always mind-blowing-offer an intriguing rapport.
It would seem that for Digges and his commendation of Shakespeare, authorship and translation are so profoundly opposed that he must wipe any traces of borrowing or unoriginality from his legacy in order to produce a "well-heeled image" of an original English author who has no parallel.
Sometimes however, a high unoriginality score may appear due to causes other than plagiarism.
The product does not signal properly state of toner or shows messages unoriginality material used), nor can it in any negative way affect the operation of the device in which the product It was used.
Such unoriginality begins with the characters, with Freya and Sara shamelessly poached from the Disney backlog.
Additionally, other scholars have noted that Congress' separate constitutional power to regulate interstate commerce arguably provides a basis for the protection of unoriginality via copyright.
But--as this handful of examples suggests, and notwithstanding attempts to legitimize DJS as artists and authors--participating in DJ work and culture does position one in a historically predetermined opposition to music business and the law, a position of perceived parasitism, unoriginality, and otherwise secondary-order activity, a position that is structurally and discursively like that occupied by criticism and commentary.
"Fated to Unoriginality. The Politics of Mimicry in Derek Walcott 's Omeros".
The authorial silence in the texts fosters a deliberate unoriginality; they speak through scripture rather than about it, thereby adopting its incontrovertible authority.
Griffin Valcheron from (http://http// PlayStation Lifestyle , who praised the graphics and the gameplay for the most part said that the games are too alike to the point that comparison has to be made and (http://http// IGN jokingly called it Lite-Souls as a small jab to the game's unoriginality.
Its inward-looking culture and the Chinese technology industry's reputation for unoriginality limit the company's ability to compete with Google and other U.S.
George's lack of imagination, the novel offers far less critique of American cultural immaturity and unoriginality than a novel like The Age of Innocence.
All of this unoriginality in mind, it is also possible that no other dress has combined the individual elements in this way before, so the dress taken as a whole design is original.