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not having position or goal definitely set or ascertained

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Some events observed in cells, such as unoriented chromosomes and chromosome bridges, indicate that these extracts at the concentrations tested promote aneugenic and clastogenic damages, respectively.
The quantitative mineral composition of the unoriented powdered samples was modelled using the Rietveld method in Bruker Topas 4.0 code.
Unoriented powders were prepared using a holder filled from the side with halite as the internal standard.
A fundamental result about the isotopic link diagrams is: Two unoriented links and are equivalent if and only if a diagram of can be transformed into a diagram of by a finite sequence of ambient isotopies of the plane and local (Reidemeister) moves of the following three types [19]:
According to published data, (2,3) PET has excellent impact strength (13-35 J/m), tensile strength (80 MPa unoriented, 190-260 MPa oriented), and modulus (2-4 GPa).
product produced; materials (paper, foil, unoriented and oriented plastic films, bulk polyolefin resins, specialty sealant and adhesive resins and additives, barrier resins, inks, overprint varnishes and coatings, adhesives, and primers); and conditioning, intrinsic material properties and secondary quality characteristics.
Vulkanox antioxidant and antiozonant products protect against oxygen, heat, and unoriented crack formulation (crazing), and are also effective, to some extent, against fatigue.
y Desbrun, M., Voronoi-based variational reconstruction of unoriented point sets.
Living half-underground distorted soldiers' awareness of their surroundings, in the words of Paul Fussell "experience[ing] an unreal, unforgettable enclosure and restraint, as well as a sense of being unoriented and lost." At the same time, he explains, "The German line and space behind [were] so remote and mysterious that actually to see any of its occupants [was] a shock," and the enemy seemed gifted with mysterious and superhuman powers (51, 76).
Some oriented graphs contain no cycles and are called acyclic (any unoriented graph with at least one edge contains cycles).
Besides, 3-5% PMCs at metaphase-I depicted an unoriented bivalent in population P1 (Figure 2(c)).
If neither (u, [upsilon]) nor (v, [upsilon]) is in O, we write e [not member of] O and say that e is an unoriented or blank edge.
The features adopted in our experiments include 500-bin Gabor filters, Bag-of-SIFT descriptors in gray, HSV and CIE-Lab space, 20-bin oriented and 40-bin unoriented PHOG [23], and 64-bin gray value histogram.
(39) Fussell observes: 'To be in the trenches was to experience an unreal, unforgettable enclosure and constraint, as well as a sense of being unoriented and lost.' (40) This 'unreal' topography resists any notion of ownership or claim.
OmniView allows detailed inspection and verification of unoriented wine and juice bottles, canned goods, pharmaceutical vials and other cylindrical packages right on the production line.