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not open


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At last they got to the theatre, which was Astley's: and in some two minutes after they had reached the yet unopened door, little Jacob was squeezed flat, and the baby had received divers concussions, and Barbara's mother's umbrella had been carried several yards off and passed back to her over the shoulders of the people, and Kit had hit a man on the head with the handkerchief of apples for 'scrowdging' his parent with unnecessary violence, and there was a great uproar.
She chucked the letter back to me unopened, and kicked me out of the house, morally, not physically, although not far off it."
"That we touch not," quoth Robin, "for this Quentin is an honest fellow, who hath risen by his own thrift." So the bales of silk were laid aside unopened.
Far be it from us to take from the blessed Saint Thomas that which belongeth to him." So this, also, was done according to Robin's bidding, and the candles were laid to one side, along with honest Quentin's unopened bales of silk.
Any more letters from Miss Vanstone will be returned unopened. Any personal application will produce an immediate appeal to the protection of the law.
At length Richard found time to cast his eyes on the direction of the letter, which he still held unopened, crumpling it in his hand.
As I had been scrutinizing this weird monstrosity the balance of the herd had fed quite close to me and I now saw that while many had the smaller specimens dangling from them, not all were thus equipped, and I further noted that the little ones varied in size from what appeared to be but tiny unopened buds an inch in diameter through various stages of development to the full-fledged and perfectly formed creature of ten to twelve inches in length.
On Tuesday, the IRS had 5 million pieces of unopened mail that arrived during the government shutdown, which could take a year for the agency to resolve, ( CBS News reported.
Synopsis: "Unopened," an intriguing volume of previously published and unpublished poetry, is Doug Hoekstra's latest and third book.
A well-preserved mummy of a woman inside an unopened coffin dating back more than 3,000 years has been unveiled in the southern Egyptian city of Luxor, Independent reports.
Egyptian authorities on Saturday unveiled a well-preserved mummy of a woman inside a previously unopened coffin in Luxor in southern Egypt dating back to more than 3,000 years.
An unopened letter that was mailed to the home of Anne Frank while she and her family were in hiding fetched more than $11,000 at an auction.
'Today, we found an unexploded grenade in the pit, also a lot of women's civilian clothing, unopened food cans, and gold jewelry,' AengiA said.
"Official bag with full contents containing commemorative chocolate coin unopened sealed and in original condition, labelled spring water bottle unopened and sealed in original condition, royal wedding fridge magnet unopened in original packaging, the castle spectator badge and a tub of 'handbag shortbread' unopened as well as a marriage order of service booklet and a 20% off voucher of middle ward shop in Windsor castle.