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Antonyms for unoiled

in need of oil treatment


not having oil rubbed into the surface

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In established populations, age structures of river otters did not differ statistically between oiled and unoiled areas in PWS (Bowyer et al.
However, the presence and relative abundance of spat, seed, and adult oysters in oiled and unoiled areas was noted.
it wasn't long before the audience was screeching more than an unoiled Tin Man.
Finally, they will be released into unoiled waters of the Atlantic Ocean.
And, again like Tati, he embeds this vision of errant modernity in a musique concrete of mechanical sound: outside traffic; the whoosh, buzz, and hum of elevators; a computer whirring to life; an incessant, unanswered telephone; the squeal of an unoiled door; the roar of the projector showing Vargas the rural world of Los Muertos, with its contrasting quiet and cacophony of birds.
Other blockages now flowing down the rivers of conversations are girlish giggling and artificial laughter sounding very similar to unoiled Gatling guns.
was dramatically reduced following the Arrow spill (Thomas, 1977); the coverage of Fucus gardneri was found to be significantly less at oiled sites than at unoiled sites in many areas immediately after the Exxon Yaldez spill (Highsmith et al.
The EVOS Trustee Council first defined recovery as "a return to pre-spill conditions or to conditions comparable to those of unoiled areas.
Soon an awkward and loud Sonny plopped down beside her and began to sing for all he was worth in a voice that sounded like the swinging of an unoiled squeaky gate.
Where the earlier poet likened his poem "Epipsychidion" to a faded blossom without a thorn, the new poem ("Shiva Hive" itself, I take it) is like an unoiled revolver with no bullet in its chamber.
Then oil about 1/2 inch around the edge of the unoiled side.
Chains ran unoiled except for what had been applied initially at the factory.
One only wishes the kestrels' staccato bleats, which sound something like unoiled bicycle breaks, were a tad more mellifluous.
After the Platform Irene oil spill near Santa Barbara last winter, researchers conducted one of the first studies using radiotelemetry to directly compare the survival of oiled and unoiled western gulls.
The locomotive whistles, hisses, puffs, snorts; the cars shake, and their unoiled wheels howl like wolves and screech like owls