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not having official authority or sanction

not officially established

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For those who are interested in installing the Unofficial Community Patch, below is a video that will teach you how to download and install the patch.
Our advice is do not purchase from anything unofficial.
The promoters have been very clear that those purchasing tickets through unauthorised sellers will be denied entry to concerts, so we advise fans to avoid being tempted to purchase tickets through unofficial sites.
Younger fans (aged 18-34) are considerably more likely than their older counterparts to say they stream live football matches online through an unofficial provider
Lawrie said employers may use any posts, comments or photos on the unofficial NZNO site as evidence to support any claim of a breach of good faith or other statutory duty on the part of members of NZNO.
To avoid falling victim to fraud we are urging people not to buy at inflated prices from unofficial outlets as they risk that their tickets won't be genuine and they won't gain entry to the event.
Anybody who has an unofficial Oven Pride product should contact the Oven Pride helpline on 0845 605 2981 or email: complaints@mcbride.
The largest decrease in the perceived frequency of unofficial payments is in dealing with taxes: while 37 percent of firms reported that unofficial payments were frequent in dealing with taxes in 2008, this share decreased by two thirds to 12 percent of respondents in 2013.
com)-- Provost Jacqueline Taylor at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) and Creative Learning President Bill Kruvant Monday signed an agreement to launch a new summer internship course that will provide academic credit to students who volunteer in Muslim communities abroad, further expanding the impact of the America's Unofficial Ambassadors (AUA) initiative.
Relampagos said this leaves the other national symbols unofficial or blatantly colorums, for having no basis for their declaration.
Hubli, Oct 13 ( ANI ): India A has leveled the three-match unofficial Test series against West Indies A after winning the third unofficial Test by an innings and 54 runs.
Danone said: "We understand that the increased demand is being fuelled by unofficial exports to China to satisfy the needs of parents who want Western brands for their babies.
The respondents included former Protestant church leaders and members currently residing in the United States who are still in contact with official and unofficial churches throughout China, and human rights lawyers who have defended the leaders of unofficial churches (see Appendix for a list of the questions posed to these interview subjects).
Curing wildcat strikes IF, as is generally accepted, the unofficial striker is the bane of industrial relations and the cause of most of the present problems in industry, surely there is a very simple remedy.
SANA'A -- Tens of unofficial employees demonstrated Tuesday in the front of the Cabinet, demanding implementation of the Prime Minister Basindawa's promise to officially hire 60,000 employees appointed in May 2011.