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There were sheets on sheets of level, even brood-comb that had held in its time unnumbered thousands of unnamed workers; patches of obsolete drone-comb, broad and high-shouldered, showing to what marks the male grub was expected to grow; and two-inch deep honey-magazines, empty, but still magnificent, the whole gummed and glued into twisted scrap-work, awry on the wires; half-cells, beginnings abandoned, or grandiose, weak-walled, composite cells pieced out with rubbish and capped with dirt.
In filing the unnumbered Senate resolution, Recto stressed that "being depicted as a hotspot for knockoff drugs" in the UN report is a "cause for alarm and action." "[The Senate investigation's aim]is to know the gravity of the problem and formulate remedial measures that will strengthen the capacity of the Food and Drug Administration and all law enforcement agencies to defeat this problem," Recto said.
A huge chunk of the fines were recorded from 2013 to 2016 when the penalty was still at P50,000 per passenger, which COA said was based on an unnumbered memorandum dated April 12, 1999.
In the said still unnumbered DAO, it said that the new PS Mark will come in serialized holographic stickers for compliance of all concerned.
According to the charge sheet, the man was alleged to have murdered the boy, Muhammad Aqil Hairi Mohd Azrul, at an unnumbered house at Batu 19 3/4 Jalan Yan-Guar Chempedak, Yan, between 7.30pm and 8pm on May 25.
This, after the measure approved an unnumbered substitute bill amending Section 2 of Republic Act 10868, or the 'Centenarians Act of 2016,' by including senior citizens who reach 85, 90 and 95 in the grant of cash gifts.
Numbered and unnumbered lists, aphorisms, and spacing and fonts that recall electronic messaging all make it more unique.
KUWAIT -- Space definitely deserves the moniker the "final frontier" for the unnumbered mysteries that still baffling the human mind.
Eyewitness accounts said the occupants of the unnumbered Ford Explorer SUV, a couple and two children, were allegedly on their way from an occasion (the car was not numbered and there were drinks in the car) when the incident occurred.
Abu Dhabi: Before moving on to the last wing of galleries at the Louvre Abu Dhabi, it is important to spend some time in an unnumbered gallery, titled Cosmography.
Stories say he killed unnumbered men on the border, but he stood trial only twice and was acquitted both times.
The unnumbered shooting update offers "a slight boost" to shooters while hitting non-shooters with an overall nerf.
Heroes of the Prize Ring (unnumbered): book of poetry by Sam Charters (1964).
Somewhere in time, Matthew's unnumbered wise men became a trio and they were converted by tradition to kings as in "We three kings of orient are." (However, to add to the confusion, an eastern tradition says there were 12 wise men--but that would make those manger scenes displayed in creches just too crowded.)
Despite the fact that it is central to the organisation of the Federal Republic of Cyprus to be metamorphosed from the current Republic of Cyprus, the reference to political equality is hidden away on an unnumbered page of an unnumbered paragraph of Annex I.