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not neurotic

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I think that his now wife is so firmly unneurotic and such a calm, kind, compassionate, human person that her influence will quell whatever nerves he might have.
In ``The New Biographical Dictionary of Film,'' David Thomson says of Eastwood, ``Has there ever been so unneurotic, so steadfast, or so steadily improving a filmmaker?
And the second outbreak of "Neurotic Realism" will take place at the Saatchi Gallery, London, between September 16 and December 5; among the work exhibited in phase two of this scheduled three-part survey will be Dexter Dalwood's paintings and Tom Hunter's conspicuously unneurotic photographic portraits.
You have, moreover, seen dancers who for once look happy and intelligent, bold, free and open in their movements, people who are adult and unneurotic enjoying themselves because they are doing what they love to do and what comes most naturally to them.
What is so impressive about Shaw's was that it was thoroughly, perhaps even insistenty, unneurotic.