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Synonyms for unnerving

Synonyms for unnerving

inspiring fear

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There could be some issues which we find unnerving.
When Senator Lindsey Graham, a South Carolina Democrat, asked the Director of the Defence Intelligence Agency, Major General Michael Maples "If you were a woman in Pakistan, would that be unnerving to you?
In a nutshell: German import takes real exorcism story and turns it into an ambiguous, unnerving psychological portrait of a young girl coming to grips with her purpose in life.
EEA's popularity seems to prove that people crave exuberance and organic titillation, like the brick Moby Dick emerging from the first floor of the Crawford Municipal Art Gallery, the ribbed bubble on the ING Bank roof or the unnerving leaning Leiden University building.
Part modern political history, part lamentation for the abandonment of the liberal ideal in which "government exists to keep the playing field level", part cautionary tale of the social ills promoted by policies that increasingly favor the rich, the powerful, and the corporations over struggling ordinary citizens, "The Strange Death of Liberal America" is fascinating and slightly unnerving in its grim survey of the past and dark predictions for the future.
The two boys discover that Stallery Mansion is built on a probability fault, where a lot of possible universes come together, and unnerving small changes take place constantly; their uniforms change color unexpectedly, for example.
It's the executives and employees of these types of companies that find the dearth of upscale restaurants a bit unnerving," adds Biederman.
Danny, who got a bank loan instead, said: "It's unnerving when someone billed as an 'elite business leader' fails so publicly.
Their 12th album, The Eye of Every Storm, finds the band brooding in a dark and psychedelic limbo--never quite exploding like they did in the past, but still building unnerving tension like thunderheads on the horizon.
This, too, is an electrifyingly unnerving number, but it pales by comparison with the $80 billion that chronic gamblers are supposedly costing the American government each year, according to The Wall Street Journal.
A sense of unnerving danger was the visceral response to this game of "let's pretend.
He said: 'My professional life was infuriating and unnerving.
The damage a collision with a new Espace would cause to an older car is unnerving to say the least.
ON AUGUST 14, 2003, two British Trotskyists made an unnerving discovery.