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deprived of courage and strength

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Completely unnerved, I leaped to my feet; but the measured rocking movement of Usher was undisturbed.
So unnerved was I by the thought of impending violence to Leach and Johnson that my reason must have left me.
Then she sat swaying her body to and fro, and making gestures with her unnerved arm, which seemed intended as the accompaniment to a fit of laughter, though her face was stolid and drowsy.
Ona was quite certain that she would find her place gone, and was all unnerved when she finally got to Brown's, and found that the forelady herself had failed to come, and was therefore compelled to be lenient.
The hand which, like that of thy renowned ancestor who gained thy name, could have broken with one stroke the skull of a mountain-bull, is now unnerved and powerless as mine own
Her own exposure had unnerved her, and thoughts were colliding painfully in her brain.
But don't mistake me; I beg this because you may have been led to do so in noticing--if you did notice it--how your sudden appearance unnerved me down there.
It was a noble sight to see them suffering thus in silence, but it unnerved me altogether.
For two days Werper sought for the party that had accompanied him from the camp to the barrier cliffs; but not until late in the afternoon of the second day did he find clew to its whereabouts, and then in such gruesome form that he was totally unnerved by the sight.
It was not so much White Fang's ferocity as it was his silence that unnerved the groom.
ASTORE -- Secretary General Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), Astore chapter, Mohammad Saleem here on Wednesday said the overwhelming success of the party in Senate, Sargodha and Chakwal elections has clearly reflected people's confidence in the policies of former premier Mohammad Nawaz Sharif and unnerved political opponents.
Srinagar -- In occupied Kashmir, the Chairman of All Parties Hurriyet Conference, Syed Ali Gilani, has said that the ongoing Kashmir Intifada has unnerved India which is now resorting to Pakistan bashing to divert attention of the world community from the grime situation of occupied Kashmir.
SALM CAM THEY may have once been dubbed the Tartan Tories but SNP supporters will undoubtedly be unnerved by this picture doing the rounds on Twitter yesterday.
Dubai Unnerved when yet another car crashed into their villa wall on Thursday morning, the fourth time in as many years, the young couple now wish to leave their home.
stocks slid today after concerns resurfaced over euro-zone fiscal woes ahead of massive bank repayments to the European Central Bank and a steep drop in consumer confidence unnerved investors, according to Reuters.