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Synonyms for unneighbourly

not exhibiting the qualities expected in a friendly neighbor


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Such unconventional architecture might be considered unneighbourly and hard to nudge up to, but Bolles+Wilson enjoyed the challenge, and their presence makes the south side of the building utterly different from the north.
The distinction made little sense to Cree and other Native traders, who would have perceived it as rude and unneighbourly.
The Ravenscroft, a flagship of the Barracuda chain, could fall foul of claims that they are being unneighbourly
Hence, their further retreat into the sanctuary of home, but that was not enough to allay anxiety of Others, which on occasion spilled out into unneighbourly behaviour against some of the most marginalised people in our society:
Medieval English manorial court records are replete with unneighbourly ill will and feuding over seemingly trivial issues; a few pence owed here, a fence post stolen there.
8) When market issues were involved, cattlemen's journals have thundered on about artificial barriers, the needs of the American consumer and of unneighbourly indifference.
We don't want to be unneighbourly and the last thing we want to do is interfere with children's education, but there doesn't seem to have been much thought put into it.
Perhaps it is this kind of apathy towards our local heritage that has become unneighbourly.
It is a measure of his ham-fisted, unneighbourly, insensitive and arrogant attitude that Howard appeared bent on transforming a war against internationally coordinated terrorism which should involve the cooperation of all countries in the region into an act of war by Australia against .
In one unneighbourly stroke, Tottenham would have been lumbered with a striker apparently going pottier by the week despite the threatened five-match suspension hanging over his head since the close season.
In another case a female tenant's conviction for blackmail merely served to reinforce opinions of her generally anti-social and unneighbourly behaviour.
These unneighbourly neighbours: a world stood on its head.
The construction of 11 so-called retirement flats that do not include lifts are grossly unneighbourly.
I can't think of a more unneighbourly act than putting up razor wire.