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incapable of being used or availed of to advantage

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However, though Yeibo engages the Nigerian nation on pressing postindependence issues still looming in the polity, he concludes almost every poem with a blind, unnegotiable confidence in the belief that the nation will eventually be freed from the stranglehold of tyrannical government--that is, the power or the ability of light to eat up the shadows of dodgy politics and drowsiness on the part of the ruled.
He also pointed out that his country announced that if the nuclear energy is used for peaceful purposes, it is something unnegotiable at all.
The Le Tramway book begins with a lengthy introduction by Philippe Hamman, focusing on negotiations caused by tramway planning projects or, rather, what remains unnegotiated or unnegotiable in the process.
177) This dynamic comes as no surprise, however, where intermediary conduct norms are governed solely by unnegotiable form contracts user "consent.
North is the classic modern-day, muscle-bound warrior; Williams the fleet-footed one-off who has emerged as a beacon of hope to those not blessed with the sheer size the professional game deems so unnegotiable nowadays.
The court explained the second prong, a "lack of voluntariness," as being "demonstrated in contracts of adhesion when there is a great imbalance in the parties' relative bargaining power, the stronger party's terms are unnegotiable, and the weaker party is prevented by market factors, timing or other pressures from being able to contract with another party on more favorable terms or to refrain from contracting at all.
In Britton's words, "Vietnam is objectively unnegotiable [sic] within any of them: types one and three would amount to a defense of American imperialism, and type two would be incapable of distinguishing between imperialist and revolutionary war, and thus of grasping Vietnam's political specificity.
He said that Iran's nuclear issue was unnegotiable and they discussed the issue only with the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Had the project ever been realized, he would probably have repainted Thomson's varnished Claudian landscapes in the manner of Hitchens or Nash, and replaced his magniloquence with reserve, but his source would have remained there as the unnegotiable substrate of the enterprise.
Also submerging us, making of the fields, the trees, a cast of characters in an unnegotiable drama, ordained, iron-gloom of low light, everything at once undoing itself.
When information does not build up to an identity of participation, it remains alien, literal, fragmented, unnegotiable.
North Kosovo, an arid territory of ore mining and mountains with unnegotiable roads in the winter, is home to only 40,000 Serbs.
Lib Dem Assembly leader Mike German sought to cloud the issue of a second Lib-Lab pact in Cardiff by seeming to under-play his party's blinkered commitment to the PR system of voting for council elections previously touted as unnegotiable
27) If Clarke viewed freedom of conscience as an elemental, unnegotiable ideal of the faith, then assuredly he projected it into the coming reign of King Jesus.
The unnegotiable mental black gulf will finally be rendered to Peyrol's consciousness as the known waters of the Petite Passe, a stage for the display of skill and courage, and it is evident that the final movement of the novel is one from doubt to assurance, though it also records a retreat from grappling with the uncertainty of signs that cannot be read to the certainty of those that can.