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in an unnecessary manner

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Nor will I mention, for the reasons just alleged, that I thought her dress, though it was of the plainest black silk, inappropriately costly in texture and unnecessarily refined in trimming and finish, for a person in her position in life.
In the meanwhile we had the Count to consult in any minor difficulty, and we need not unnecessarily disturb our patient in her present weak and nervous condition by the presence of a stranger at her bedside.
If these lessons teach us, on one hand, to admire the improvement made by America on the ancient mode of preparing and establishing regular plans of government, they serve not less, on the other, to admonish us of the hazards and difficulties incident to such experiments, and of the great imprudence of unnecessarily multiplying them.
Friend Conseil, I like you much, but not enough to eat you unnecessarily.
No, no—there is no danger—I have alarmed you unnecessarily.
With infinite pains I have acquired a knowledge of that history, and I propose to narrate it here, partly for the honest information of the public and partly to show that public that they have been wasting a good deal of marketable sentiment very unnecessarily.
It's that woman,' my mother explains unnecessarily.
Karachi -- Naimatullah Khan, former City Nazim said millions of commuters of the port city suffered unnecessarily for years because the commuting and transport projects initiated by him were kept in limbo by his successors.
They should be considered as children "first and foremost" and not unnecessarily criminalised, the study argued.
AN INDEPENDENT report into a Welsh police force's child protection work has found that too many children have been unnecessarily kept in custody.
It found that despite a clear commitment to protecting children there were areas of concern that meant children were not receiving the service they deserve and too many children were being detained unnecessarily in police custody.
But the charity said that the DVLA does not currently differentiate between daytime and night-time episodes of hypoglycaemia, meaning that some people with diabetes are losing their driving licence unnecessarily.
Detectives have described the attack as "sustained and unnecessarily violent".
Challans are issued unnecessarily; the Delhi police and the traffic police are harassing us unnecessarily.