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the quality of being unnatural or not based on natural principles

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The needs of her condemnation require her to refine the metaphor ever more intricately; and as each refinement demonstrates in more detail the unnaturalness of the homoerotic, it must necessarily also demonstrate her poetic skill.
Suddenly, he was overcome with a feeling of both envy and unnaturalness: "Lo que a mi, sobre todo, me llego fue el calor, el aura, la fuerza telurica de lo que alli, llanamente y sin misterio, sucedia .
In order for Milton to maintain the unnaturalness of hands in print culture -- and hence justify the excision of licensing hands -- he must maintain as discrete categories the bodiless author who prints his mind, and the licensor with "overseeing fist." Milton's rhetorical strategy therefore requires that he suppress the author's production of a manuscript.
Further, Predestination's protagonist(s) is by no means unlikeable, the problematic undercurrents of monstrosity and unnaturalness merely existing uncomfortably behind Snook's very humane depiction of unbearable loneliness and eventual bitterness in the face of disproportionate suffering.
The "unnaturalness" Tolstoy found as a fault in King Lear is, Knight argues, rather "essential to the Shakespearean vision" (9).
In this respect, as much as superhero comics--and X-Men comics in particular--might seem to celebrate the "outsider" or "othered" body, there are definite limits placed on the physical and ideological terms of that otherness, to the extent that, as in the real world, "conformity" is still associated with "goodness," "unnatural" is still associated with "different," and biological unnaturalness is still used to emphasize social or cultural unnaturalness.
In relation to the latter, I supplement Lessing with Brian McHale's notion that poetry spaces language, proposed in "The Unnaturalness of Poetry" (2013).
The essay concludes, however, by alluding to the "unnaturalness" of unchecked expansion.
For medieval Christians, the patent unnaturalness of both these phenomena--linchpins of the Christian redemptive scheme--became a compelling preoccupation.
This paper consists of analyses on claims concerning unnaturalness of neuro-enhancement.
Part 2 introduces Smith's views on the key concepts, noting (among other areas of disagreement) divergences from Aristotle's position regarding the "unnaturalness" of capitalism and commercial society.
By trumpeting the emasculating aspects of the job, they could reaffirm the commonly-suspected unnaturalness of a man who would seek out such work.
The attempt to reject liberal eugenics on the ground that its unnaturalness renders it morally unacceptable fails.
The clear purpose of the story is to illustrate in two ways the unnaturalness of slavery.
By failing in the promise to be brief, he makes that unnaturalness evident, particularly when he stops in mid-story to promise yet again to cut it short.