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the quality of being unnatural or not based on natural principles

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But that the Hand, like the Eye, appears in isolation betrays a similar unnaturalness, as well as that Saruman has--probably unconsciously--modeled his political and military organization on that of Mordor.
20) Country and city are excellent spatial correlates to the nature/culture divide that has long been discussed by feminists, a divide that is premised on the supposed naturalness of the country and the unnaturalness of the city.
These are not judgments about the unnaturalness, perversity, or deviance of acts in a secularly biological or medical sense of those behaviors constituting unsuccessful adaptations by reference to either inclusive fitness or personal fulfillment.
The social disruption is the unnatural thing he objects to, and Iago leads him from one unnaturalness to the presentation of the Moor's racial difference as another one, says Jones.
The feeling, the womanhood, even the natural or unnaturalness, weren't his; they were mine.
At the same time, the womanist tradition, as our foremother Anna Julia Cooper states, is committed to "the universal triumph of justice and human rights" and to the struggle to end "the unnaturalness and injustice of all special favoritism, whether of sex, race, country or condition" (Loewenberg and Bogin, 1976, p.
In this unnaturalness Tolstoy includes behaviors and practices he construes as immoral, though this choice does not necessarily anoint the natural as the ethical standard in the text.
The Wars of the Roses, in essence, were predicated on violent competition among kin, with the senseless killing of children emphasizing the horror and unnaturalness of the wars.
And of the last two articles, one discusses the question of the alleged unnaturalness of certain neuroscientific interventions and the other the question of mental privacy.
5) Work, in contrast, is 'the activity which corresponds to the unnaturalness of human existence, which is not imbedded [sic] in, and whose mortality is not compensated by, the species' ever-recurring life cycle' (HC, p7).
Connell, 1987; Fey & Proctor-Williams, 2000) applaud the unnaturalness of this method, arguing that if students were to learn language the "natural" way, by listening and interacting with others, they would not need intervention.
It's based on a theory of gender such as this, coupled with the belief that God made all things to function in certain ways, that most Christians have held beliefs such as the masculinity of God, (12) male headship in marriage, (13) the unnaturalness of homosexuality, (14) the lack of sexual marriage in Heaven, (15) the importance of gender for church office, (16) and condemnation of cross-dressing.
Here, the author contrasts Carol Gilligan's difference feminism, which emphasized motherhood and women's nurturing and communitarian tendencies, with Donna Haraway's cyborgian feminism, "which emphasized the unnaturalness over the naturalness of women's bodies" (150).
She explained her view clearly in letters to Betty Hester and Ted Spivey about the title The Violent Bear It Away: "I am much more interested in the nobility of unnaturalness than in the nobility of naturalness.