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Synonyms for unnaturally

in an unnatural way


not according to nature

in a manner at variance with what is natural or normal

References in classic literature ?
The chest seemed unnaturally prominent, but the abdomen had sunk in, leaving a sharp projection at the line of the lower ribs.
And presently men selling unnaturally early newspapers came bawling into the street:
in his better days, before he had become enfeebled by dissipation and emaciated by disease, he had been in the receipt of a good salary, which, if he had been careful and prudent, he might have continued to receive for some years--not many; because these men either die early, or by unnaturally taxing their bodily energies, lose, prematurely, those physical powers on which alone they can depend for subsistence.
It was a pictorial sheet, and Jo examined the work of art nearest her, idly wondering what fortuitous concatenation of circumstances needed the melodramatic illustration of an Indian in full war costume, tumbling over a precipice with a wolf at his throat, while two infuriated young gentlemen, with unnaturally small feet and big eyes, were stabbing each other close by, and a disheveled female was flying away in the background with her mouth wide open.
But all we said, not a word could we drag out of him; I almost felt like pushing him over, so as to change his position, for it was almost intolerable, it seemed so painfully and unnaturally constrained; especially, as in all probability he had been sitting so for upwards of eight or ten hours, going too without his regular meals.
The reason behind the increase is said to be the country's high import bill, adding that the former finance minister had unnaturally restricted the rate at Rs105.
EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm and 8pm EVERYONE is unnaturally excited about the Christmas lights switch on - it is seemingly a very big deal, and usually the scene for drama.
SOAP watchYour guide to all the drama in the Square, on the cobbles and in the Dales EMMERDALE ITV, 7pm and 8pm EVERYONE is unnaturally excited about the Christmas lights switch on - it is seemingly a very big deal, and usually the scene for drama.
It is difficult to witness the toll mega-fires have taken on communities already, and to know that a changing climate is likely to increase unnaturally large and more dangerous fires across the country.
East Yorkshire Coroner Dr Paul Marks told the hearing: "There was a natural cause of death, but it came unnaturally because of a lack of action.
The story's plot gets unnaturally 'darker' when Grey's desperate ex, Leila Williams (Bella Heathcote), threatens and stalks Steele inside her home.
Wearing a pair of high heels and not a lot else in the shoot for Harper's Bazaar, internet onlookers say her stomach looks unnaturally flat.
The state government is also offering financial assistance to farmers who died unnaturally, mostly suicides, the spokesman said.
The fairytale film has proved a box office hit in the United States - but it has faced a backlash from parents claiming Cinderella has an unnaturally small waist.
Following that choice, unnaturally, many things changed by force, and 2001 in Macedonia is proof of this fact.