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not having acquired citizenship

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holding that a domiciled unnaturalized person was entitled to homestead
He reduced the relief quota of an unnaturalized Austrian whom he suspected of receiving assistance from pro-Nazi quarters, for example--an injustice that gave rise to an anonymous complaint to Mayor Niderost.
An order-in-council was issued on 28 October 1914, stating that unnaturalized immigrants from Germany or Austria-Hungary were to be classified as "enemy aliens" and would be required to register with federal authorities.
As a consequence, in Pujol Russell's poetic world even the reader's usual point of reference--the poetic voice or the "I" that speaks--is unstable: "I begin where the word begins," writes the poet, underscoring the complexity and the unnaturalized relationship between the self, the word, and the world.
Americans made up its "largest single group of unnaturalized residents "when they" began to pour north of the border" after the turn of the century (Thompson 83).
O'Mara recalls that the unnaturalized Germans living in Frederick Street were "rounded up and sent to the Isle of Man detention camp.
Members of the Lincoln administration were most often asked if unnaturalized foreigners who were serving in the army, or had served previously, might be extended the franchise.
The extensive classification of native words and "naturalized" loan words is followed by a classification of unnaturalized loan words, e.
Johanna was one of an estimated 520,000 unnaturalized Germans who registered as "alien enemies" as required under section 19 of President Woodrow Wilson's Proclamation of November 16, 1917.
More striking, however, is the income differential between the naturalized and unnaturalized foreign-born populations ($41,028 and $28,278 respectively).
Of course, "the people" does not include the unnaturalized, corrupt, motley, prolific horde of Catholic immigrants, "coming by numbers to outnumber us, and by votes to outvote us, and by the competitions of European munificence to secure an ascendant influence in the education of the young republicans of our nation.
The highest rates of immigration in eighty years have produced more than 10 million unnaturalized, and thus nonvoting, aliens, most of them concentrated in blue-collar jobs politically pivotal states like California and New York.
That those tensions existed is demonstrated in the UMWA's support in 1897 of legislation taxing employers of unnaturalized males over the age of twenty-one.
This law required all aliens--meaning all unnaturalized foreigners-living in Michigan to register with the state government.